Quantum Break: Creative Director Talks About the Most Ambitious Project

Quantum Break is Remedy Entertainment’s most “ambitious game” yet, Creative Director Sam Lake stated in a recent video interview.

The upcoming third-person shooter is looking to raise the bar, and according to Lake is the “ultimate Remedy game experience” for fans. Citing how time traveling is always a difficult challenge to take, Lake revealed that the team had to bring in a Quantum Physicist to help them with the game.

The unnamed scientist was shown the game’s concept and script. Based on his suggestions, Remedy then went back to the drawing board to further improve the game’s mechanics and story elements.

Quantum Break is going to allow players to choose their desired path at multiple events. Each is going to have some kind of dire consequence that will effect the game’s world and how the story progress from then on. According to Lake, players will have to do several playthroughs in order to see through all of the game’s crossroads.

Upon being asked how long the game can be expected to be, he said that it’s a “good length for a game like this.”

Quantum Break is in development exclusively for the Xbox One. It was supposed to release later this year, but was then pushed forward into 2016, a decision that Remedy greatly regrets but is necessary to ensure a great final product.


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