Quantum Break Rated for PC by Brazil Advisory Rating Board

Update: The listing has now been removed.

Original Story: The Brazil Advisory Rating Board recently rated Remedy’s upcoming Quantum Break for Xbox One as well as PC.

Remedy Entertainment’s third-person shooter is currently only scheduled to release on Xbox One. However, given the fact that more and more Xbox One exclusives are eventually landing on PC – Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct – I would not be surprised if Quantum Break also makes it to the list albeit a little later than the Xbox One version.

I have also attached a screenshot of the Brazil Advisory Rating Board in case it gets removed in future – open in New Tab to enlarge:

Quantum Break PC

While Remedy Entertainment has not confirmed anything about a PC release, last year, in an interview with GameInformer; the company’s co-founder said that he has hopes that the game will eventually release on PC later down the road.

In related Quantum Break news; Remedy Entertainment confirmed that the studio borrowed the storyline of the game from critically acclaimed title Alan Wake:

Part of the idea does come from an old draft of Alan Wake, a version of the story that was more fragmented, more a series of different stories he had written. One of them featured a particle accelerator, a science theme, quantum physics, many-worlds interpretation.

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Quantum Break is scheduled to release exclusively on Xbox One on Apr. 06, 2016.

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