PUBG Xbox One Performance Issues Ruin Expectations; FPS Drops, Texture Popping, Input Lag, and More

The highly anticipated PUBG Xbox One version finally released earlier today through the Game Preview program but not without an abundance of performance issues weighing heavily on the players.

It needs to be pointed out that the PC version, while still in early access, does not fare any better and can hardly be tagged with perfection. The PUBG Xbox One version was supposed to be either in similar state or a bit far behind in terms of performance. As it turns out, it is actually quite far behind the PC version.

According to Digital Foundry, the PUBG Xbox One version struggles to maintain the promised 30 FPS threshold. It usually hovers around 20 FPS, and can even drop further depending on what comes up on the screen.

The opening lobby in particular is “absolutely dreadful” in terms of appearance and usability. There is also severe texturing popping, as well as some input lag that often results in sluggish gameplay.

While not really related to performance issues, the PUBG Xbox One version features a pretty difficult controller layout. Several buttons offer multiple functions that depend on whether they are pressed or held. It only adds to the frustration as players come to terms with the game on their console.

The silver lining is that the Xbox One X version fares much better in comparison. The difference over the base Xbox One version can easily be noticed in the detailed textures and better frame-rates. Nonetheless, there is still room for further improvements.

It is not uncommon for games in early access states to suffer from technical and performance issues. We expect the developer to bring out several updates in the coming weeks/months to address the current abysmal state of the game on the console.

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