PUBG Update Goes Live With New Anti-Cheat Measures

PUBG update is out now on PC for the version 1.0. The most notable addition is the new anti-cheat measure that will hopefully make the hacking situation better for the entire PUBG community.

Yesterday, we reported that the new anti-cheat PUBG update was delayed due to some unforeseen technical issues. We didn’t know when the update was going to hit PC but thankfully, it didn’t take long. According to Bluehole, the new anti-cheat measures are added via the awaited PUBG update.

The update should help improve the hacking situation in PUBG and make life better for honest players who just wish to have a great time. Along with anti-cheat measures, there are minor improvements for other aspects of the game as well.

In order to foster a healthy and fair game environment, we have applied a new update to the test servers, as part of our preventive measures against cheat programs.

When the changes on the test servers are evaluated to be stable, they will be applied to the live servers. The live server update is scheduled to take place on Feb 7 6PM PST / Feb 8 3AM CET / Feb 8 11AM KST and the maintenance is expected to last for 3 hours.

New anti-cheat measure has been added

Red Zone Sound
Fixed the issue where the sound of explosions would become too loud when played simultaneously
Balanced the number of simultaneous explosion sounds, in order to optimize game performance
Fixed the issue where the explosion sound wouldn’t play following the falling sound of a bomb

The update follows a recent patch that added numerous useful elements of the Battlegrounds.

Bluehole and PlayerUnknown are making efforts to make sure hackers are under control. However, since the majority of the hackers come from China, there is nothing much that can be done until these hackers are locked inside their own region so the rest of the world can have a better PUBG experience.

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