PUBG Sold 4.7 Million Copies On PC For The Month Of June 2018 While Fortnite Was No Match At All

PUBG and Fortnite brought the Battle Royale genre into the spotlight, however, both games are competing with one another. While Fortnite is a free-to-play title but, PUBG fared better in terms of sales in the month of June compared to Fortnite.

According to data revealed by SuperData, the month of June 2018 was quite good for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sales as the game managed to sell 4.7 million units in the month of June on PC alone. This is a significant bump in sales compared to the month of May.

As for the Fiortnite Battle Royale on PC, the game managed to make it to number 6 in terms of sales according to SuperData. However, the comparison is a bit strange since the Fortnite is a free-to-play title instead of a paid one.

According to data, Dungeon Fighter Online was the second best-selling game for the month of June 2018 followed by Crossfire at number 4.

While Fortnite was at number 6 on PC, however, things are a lot different on consoles as Fortnite was the best selling game on consoles, while PUBG didn’t even make to top 10 on consoles.

PUBG and Fortnite

The reason why PUBG didn’t make it to the top 10 for consoles might be due to the fact that PUBG is available for PC and Xbox One while Fortnite is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However, on mobile both of the games couldn’t make it to the top 10 due to some fierce competition from Pokemon Go and Honour Of Kings.

However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds selling 4.7 million units in June 2018 is a bit surprising since the game is losing its player base and the player base is constantly dropping since January 2018.

This indicates that gamer’s interest in PUBG is being restored and new players are joining in.

PUBG is a Battle Royale game developed by PUBG Corp for PC and Xbox One while Fortnite Battle Royale is developed by Epic Games for PC and current-gen consoles.

Source: SuperData

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