PUBG PS4 Will Happen When Xbox One Exclusivity Ends, Sony Doesn’t Like Early Access Games

The PlayStation 4 version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still on the table but will take some time before eventually seeing the light of day.

Speaking with Inven Global in a recent interview, PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim stated that the final goal is to release the game on every major platform. When it comes to Sony, there are certain obstacles that must be addressed before moving forward.

It should firstly be understood that PUBG will remain as an exclusive console game for Xbox One for as long as Microsoft desires. This opens up speculation over the exclusivity period that the company has paid for and if it is interested in extending the agreement in the future.

Regardless, there have been no signs from PUBG Corp. to be willing to sell complete rights to the game to Microsoft and eliminate the possibility of a release on PlayStation 4. This should provide a bit of solace to the respective community unless proven wrong otherwise.

Secondly, Sony is not a fan of early access or games releasing to the public on its platform in an incomplete state. This is one of the main reasons that the developer chose Xbox One over PlayStation 4 when coming to consoles.

Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One are like pre-release, so they don’t have a restriction on quality. However, PS is very strict about this. There were cases where a game took 6 months more to launch even when it was already completed. We are still in the stage of learning the console development environment and console gamers’ taste. We need to think about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first.

PUBG finally left early access on Steam more than a week ago with the much-anticipated 1.0 update that brings new content, features, and performance enhancements. It also made its way on to Xbox One through the Game Preview program last month with a rather shaky release at the start.

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