PUBG Mobile Users Are Using Mouse And Keyboards To Take Advantage

PUBG mobile has been here for awhile, If you were struggling to get kills or a chicken dinner it is getting more hard to do it as people have started.

PUBG mobile has been here for a while, if you were struggling to get kills or a chicken dinner it is getting more hard to do it now as people have started using mouse and keyboards by using emulators which are giving them a complete advantage over the people playing on mobile with touchscreen controls.

This is being done by installing the game on chrome books, Laptops and by using emulators. Nowadays different emulators are available for you to easily connect Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your mobile device and start playing. This gives players more control over their game by giving more precision and accuracy.

Emulators can be used to assign shortcut buttons for any movement which gives a major advantage over slow mobile on-screen controls. The game is simple with the last one to survive wins meaning anyone with faster movement and precision will win the game. If you get sniped quickly or someone who is not a bot might be using a mouse, who knows.

Bluestacks is an android simulator which can be installed on your laptop or PC giving you the ability to run any android apps and games on your computer. It also gives options to assign keyboard shortcuts to various on-screen buttons that are originally used to play PUBG on mobile. Once you assign shortcuts and settings it runs and feels like original port rather than the mobile version.

Another quick and easy way is to connect your device to your chrome cast on your TV. This way your audio and video will be mirrored to the screen making the game to be seen better, you’ll get a better look of enemies due to the bigger screen and thus make it easier for you to kill.

You can start using keyboard and mouse to get some top kills and have fun in the game but it is cheating to the players who are hardly getting any kills due to the new on-screen controls.

PUBG already faced some criticism due to using bots to fill in the lobbies without players knowing which was later confirmed. PUBG is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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