New PUBG Anti-Cheat System Will Permanently Ban Your Hardware

PUBG Corp has failed to control PUBG hackers in its game but, that is about to change with the upcoming PUBG anti-cheat System.

Aside from being a battle royale game, PUBG is also known for its cheaters. PUBG Corp has failed to control PUBG hackers but, that is about to change with the upcoming PUBG anti-cheat System.

The studio has announced on its official Korean forum that it is working on a new PUBG anti-cheat System. According to devs, this new anti-cheat system will straight up ban the hardware being used to play the game if it is found cheating.

While it might not seem much but, this might be the solution that will eliminate cheaters. Previously, PUBG Corp was banning user accounts found cheating. These hackers would just make a new account and start using hacks again.

Bans based on the hardware will yield better results. This system will ban the PC itself and no new account will work on that system.

Meaning these hackers will have to buy a new system, which is significantly expensive. November 10 is the expected date for the implementation of this new PUBG anti-cheat System.

Furthermore, PUBG Xbox Team has noted that Xbox One players caught cheating will be permanently banned. These bans might seem harsh but, given that how hackers have infested PUBG, it is a necessary measure.

This comes following a steady decline in PUBG’s player base. This is despite the game got back on top of the Steam Charts with over 800K players.

Even streamers have switched to other battle royale titles. This is due to lack of optimization, persistent bugs, lack of any effort to fix them, focus on aesthetics rather on mechanics, to name just a few.

Speaking of the game, the devs have warned against updating to Nvidia GPU driver version 416.16. According to the devs, the driver is causing in-game bugs and players need to avoid it.

PUBG Corp is working with Nvidia to fix the problem. So if you are one of those who is still playing PUBG then you might want to wait a while.

PUBG is multiplayer Battle Royale title developed by PUBG Corp. The game is available for PC and Xbox One.

Source: PUBG

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