Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Collectibles Locations Guide

Our Psychonauts 2 guide outlines the locations of all the Collectibles in The Motherlobe so that you don't miss a single one!

The Motherlobe is a fantastical location in Psychonauts 2 that is littered with quests along with secrets for completionists. If you are having trouble with finding all of the collectibles then look no further than this guide. Our Psychonauts 2 guide outlines the locations of all the Collectibles in The Motherlobe so that you don’t miss a single one!

Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Collectibles Locations

The Motherlobe location ins psychonauts 2 features the following collectibles: 8 PSI Challenge Markers, 27 PSI Challenge Cards, 6 Supply Chests and 6 Supply Chest Keys

Below we’ve listed the locations of the aforementioned collectibles of The Motherlobe in Psychonauts 2.

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PSI Challenge Cards in The Motherlobe

To find the PSI Challenge Cards, let’s start from the Lobby of the Motherlobe.

PSI Challenge Cards #1-5 – Lobby

Attempt to locate a slope that leads towards the classroom, it’s adjacent to a triangular entrance of ‘Agents’ and the bright neon lights of the ‘Nerve Center’. By taking this slope, it will lead you straight towards your first PSI Challenge Card of Motherlobe.

Diverging from the central point of the Lobby, go up the stairs to a pink and green neon sign reading ‘Nerve Center’ and to its right, you will notice a cozy-looking corner lush with plants.

Even from afar, you will spot the spry card dancing near a rock so just jump within the corner to collect your PSI Challenge card.

From there simply go forwards till you see the sign of ‘Noodle Bowl’ and just beside the shop you will spot another card dancing in front of an Otto-Matic station. Convenient right?

Talking about convenience, look up to see some PSI Challenge Cards floating above the atrium; specifically, above the Salon and the Mailroom.

Whip out your Stray Thought Tuner and Mental Connection to hop, skip your way to collect these PSI Challenge Cards.

PSI Challenge Cards #6-9 – Classroom

En route to the Classroom, you will spot another card fluttering about the wall. Climb the ivy on the face of the wall and jump to collect your card.

Now, we need to head inside the classroom. You will instantly spot one card floating above the lockers behind two NPCs.

Move on to the right of the lockers inside an actual class and look behind you to find a bookcase where you will find one card tucked in a corner behind scattered books and pages.

Head out and walk ahead till you find a door marked as ‘Artifact Storage’. Enter the cluttered space to find a card floating above metal drawers. Jump up to obtain it.

PSI Challenge Cards #10-11 – Astral Lanes

Move on towards Astral Lanes and upon entering the bowling alley turn to your immediate right to find a card hopping about in a corner just beside a bowling lane.

Afterward, turn around and head to the reception desk, look behind it to find another card between a small opening.

PSI Challenge Cards #12-16 – Mailroom

Find and head inside the Mailroom, there will be a card waiting for you just near the entrance so pick that up before continuing.

Head a bit further into an opening and look above you to a platform where you will see another card, jump up from the boxes near the television to reach it.

This one is a bit tricky; you will find 2 PSI Challenge Cards on top of the conveyer belt and one on top of a box under the walkways in the ‘Mailroom’.

To access the area, you need to platform your way about the stacks of boxes before you enter the Mailroom itself to find a narrow pathway that cuts through the wall.

This pathway will lead you to the walkways above the mailroom and to the two PSI Challenge Cards located thereafter which just jump down on top of the box where the 3rd card is located.

PSI Challenge Cards #17 – Salon

Head inside the Salon where you will be welcomed to the sight of a card floating beside a sofa in the waiting area.

PSI Challenge Cards #18-20 – Agents

The next step on your agenda is to head inside Agents. Simply go straight ahead till you spot a card amongst green décor in between two entranceways.

From there, head to the room on the right and look to the top of the wooden shelves where you will find a card. Jump up to obtain it before heading out and turning to the room to the left.

Upon entering the room, run past the many computers until you hit a corner that loops around a glass partition. Just follow that to another card sitting between glowing machines.

PSI Challenge Cards #21-22 – Agents

Time to head inside the ‘Noodle Bowl’ where you will be instantly greeted by an uncollected card above the reception desk. Climb the vines to get it but don’t stop there.

As you climb higher you will notice a card on top of one of the light fixtures. So just jump down on top of the fixture once you reach the highest point on the ivy and grab it.

PSI Challenge Cards #23-27 – Nerve Center

Head inside the ‘Nerve Center’ and circular table you will spot a card beside an NPC. From that point, move forwards till you spot another card underneath a set of stairs.

Go forwards till you see an automatic door with an eye insignia on its surface, interact with it and ride the elevator.

Once you reach the higher level of the location, head straight and jump through the rocks above the water to get your card.

From that point, take a left and enter a large room where you will spot another card atop the wooden shelves.

Turn to your left and allow yourself to be scanned by the eye which will open a glass door beside you. Enter it and head to the very end of the room to collect your card.

PSI Challenge Markers in The Motherlobe

PSI Challenge Marker #1 – Lobby

At the main lobby, look up onto the floating platform near the Mailroom to find a PSI Challenge Marker. Through the help of Thought Turner and the Mental Connection ability, collect your first Challenge Marker.

PSI Challenge Marker #2 – Classroom

Inside the Classroom, advance towards the Think Tank classroom to your left to spot a PSI Challenge Marker underneath the stairs.

PSI Challenge Marker  #3 – Astral Lanes

Inside the Astral Lanes Bowling alley, Get on top of the spinning red sign that’s above the reception desk to find your PSI Challenge Marker.

PSI Challenge Marker #4 and 5 – Mailroom

Inside the Mailroom you will find 2 PSI Challenge Markers to collect. Once inside follow a straight path to a massive fan and to its left you will find a locked door that can be accessed by using the Projection Ability. Inside you will find your PSI Challenge Markers.

The last PSI Challenge marker can be found on top of the conveyer belt which is to the left of the gigantic fan.

PSI Challenge Marker #6 – Agents

Inside the Agent’s office section make you way to Sasha’s office. The PSI Challenge marker can be found atop a shelf inside the office.

PSI Challenge Marker #7 – Noodle Bowl

Inside the Noodle Bowl section, climb up the vines near the reception desk to reach the overhead lights. After reaching the hanging lights, jump towards the last one to collect you PSI Challenge Marker.

PSI Challenge Marker Nerve #8 – Nerve Center

Head inside the Nerve Center till you reach the main hall, from there take the elevator to reach the Grand Head’s office. The PSI Challenge Marker will be found inside Truman’s office, on top of a meeting table.

Supply Chests and Keys in The Motherlobe

Supply Chest Keys #1-2 – Classroom

Inside the Classroom section, head towards the office on your left. Inside you will find a Supply Chest key floating on top of a shelf

Exit the office to find the Artifact Storage room. Within, you will spot the second key on top of a vent which is located opposite from the exit.

Supply Chest #1 – Classroom

After collecting the second key inside the Artifact Room, it is suggested that you explore the area to find a portrait.

Use your Pyrokinsesis ability to set the portrait in fire thus revealing a room behind it where you will spot a Supply Chest.

Supply Chest #2 – Astral Lanes

Inside Astral Lanes, look towards the bowling lanes and head towards the right lane to find a lone Supply Chest sitting in a corner.

Supply Chest Keys #3-4 – Mailroom

Inside the Mailroom section of the Motherlobe, follow a linear path to find a fast-moving fan. Use your ‘Time Bubble’ to slow its blades so that you can pass through to collect your Supply Chest Key.

Afterward head towards the Office in the Mailroom where you will need to find a set of stairs that will go down.

Underneath these stairs, behind some boxes, you will find your second Supply Chest Key of the Mailroom.

Supply Chest #3 – Mailroom

Within the Mailroom section will be an office that is located near the gigantic fan. To collect your supply chest, you need to first complete the ‘Brain in the Jar’ level to open the doors of the office itself.

Supply Chest #4 – Salon

Inside the Salon Section of the Motherlobe, run past the waiting area where a lone Supply Chest will be sitting in the corner of the room beside the sink.

Supply Chest Key #5 – Agents

Inside the Agents section, follow a linear path till you hit a fork. Between the two doors, turn to the left one where you will find a Supply Chest Key on top of a wooden shelf.

Supply Chest #5 – Noodle Bowl

Inside the Noodle Bowl shop, climb up the ivy wall to reach the hanging lights. Jump across the lights till you reach the last light to find a cavity in the wall where you will find a Supply Chest waiting for you.

Supply Chest Key #6 – Nerve Center

As mentioned above, all you need to do is to reach the Grand Head’s office by taking the elevator from the main hall, you can’t miss it since it has the brain logo on its surface.

Once you have reached the office look to the top of the shelves beside the glass door to find your Supply Chest Key.

Supply Chest #6 – Nerve Center

To reach the Supply Chest in the Nerve Center, you need to utilize Thought Tuner. Use it inside the Nerve Center and follow the Mental Collection nodes to the platforms above where you can find your Supply Chest.

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