Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Location Guide

This Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Location guide will give the you the precise location on where to find this clever little mushroom.

In the whimsical world of Psychonauts 2, you may have had the pleasure of meeting a little girl, Lili. The girl gives our protagonist a side mission to collect rare fungus for her, and well, now you don’t know where to go? Don’t worry. This Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Location guide will give you the precise location on where to find this clever little mushroom!

Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Location

To give you a general idea of the final location of the rare fungus, let’s just say it will be located inside a cave behind the Waterfall at the Questionable Area.

This Waterfall will be marked with an ‘A’ on the map hence, allowing you the ease to reach the area without wasting too much time, although you need to solve a lot of puzzles through your powers, so make sure you have them first before pursuing this quest.

Let’s get started!

Find Rare Fungus for Lili

It is best that you set your starting point from Lili’s Secret Garden at the Motherlobe. From there, head to the back of the Quarry towards the Questionable Area, but before all that, you will come across an inactive machine called Fierro’s Funicular.

This location is marked as a ‘B’ on the map, so upon arrival, it’s time to get your mind in the game by using the Telekinesis Psi-Power.

You will use this ability to fix the Funicular by finding 3 cogs in the area which can be found under the arch of the lift for the Funicular. Another one is to the left of the machine’s base, and the last one will be lying around to the right of the Funicular.

Once all the 3 cogs have been placed in the machine, the Funicular would be functional, thus allowing you to ride it to the cliffs above. You will encounter a challenging yet fun platforming section which should lead you to a circular section near the Far-Fetched Falls.

Now, this is the important bit. Do you have Raz’s Time Bubble ability?

You do? Well, time to put your reflexes to the test. Walk up to the edge of the circular platform that faces the waterfall and time your ability to the movement of the logs that ride the face of the Waterfall.

Since the cave is behind the falling water, you need to really test out the waters, so to speak, until you stop the log at the exact location where it cuts the water just right; giving you access to the hidden cave behind the water.

Now all that is left for you to hop, skip away into the cave to reap your rewards!

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