Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area Walkthrough

This detailed walkthrough will help you get through Questionable Area in Psychonauts 2 by outlining everything that you need to do in the area, step by step!

Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area

So before you can get to the Bowling Alley, you need access to a Senior League Membership Card. The only known surviving member who now has the card is Compton Boole.

Get to the Psychoisolation Chamber

To start the quest for the Senior League Membership Card, head outside the quarry and jump through the platforms to get to the Psychoisolation Chamber.

After you enter the Psychoisolation ward, you will see a receptionist eager to talk to you. Go and interact with Terryl. Terryl assumes you are here to commit.

Start the conversation and state that you are not her to commit yourself, but to speak to Agent Boole, who also happens to the only resident of Psychoisolation.

After the conversation, use the elevator to go up to Boole’s room. The door to the room is on the other side of the elevator. Go to the room to see Boole playing Chess with a rat.

Interact with Boole and ask for his Senior League membership Card. Boole claims that the card is a precious memento of his partner.

He makes a deal for you to bring him bees from the Forgetful Forest so he can listen to them and find whereabouts of his partner. You agree and set off to Forgetful Forest.

Frazie and the Mine

With the jar from Boole for the bees, exit the Psychoisolation. As soon as you exit, Raz’s sister Frazie appears and throws at rock at Raz. Follow the trail of Frazie to get to the Questionable area.

Follow the sign that reads “Danger: Abandoned Mine”. Grind the trail and swing on the branches and glide all the way through to get to the Abandoned Mine.

The mine is a very small area, and you have to jump on the net and simply jump to the next platform and you are out.

As soon as you are out, you again meet Frazie, where you tell her it’s OK for her to tell her dad that she is a Psychic too. After the cutscene, you are free to explore the Questionable Area.

After getting to the Questionable Area, you can find a map of the area.

Use this map to locate on how to get to the entrance of Forgetful Forest. To get to the Forgetful Forest, you can simply go to the F location.

Forgetful Forest

After you get to the location of Forgetful Forest, you will see a warning that states that it is off-limits and is not covered by the Questionable Area’s insurance.

Jump over the fence and enter the forest. As you go in a little deep, you will trigger a cutscene where you fall into Lizzie’s trap and she warns you about the Green Needle Witch.

After this, Lizzie cuts you free and you are free to venture into the Forgetful Forest to get bees for Compton Boole.

As you enter the forest, follow the path into a small clearing, where you will see a huge beehive.

Interact with it to collect the bees as per Compton Boole’s request. This triggers a cutscene, where the Green Needle Witch comes out and tries to hug you.

A lengthy chase ensues. After you get out of the forest you are again trapped in one of Lizzie’s traps.

With this, you are done with the task, and now only need to collect your reward.

Head back to Agent Boole and Psycoisolation by the same way you came through. Again, go to his room using the elevator.

Boole had asked for a single bee, but you brought 3, something that seemed better. However, Boole is overwhelmed by the additional bees, and asks you to enter is mind. This kicks off Compton’s Cookoff.

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