Psychonauts 2 Psychoseisometer Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to find Gisu and where to find all the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseisometer Locations in the side-quest

In Psychonauts 2, there are a number of optional quests. One of these quests is to locate the Psychoseisometer. Completing this quest will grant you the Good Vibes Only achievement. In this guide, we’ll explain how to find all the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseisometer Locations in the game.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseisometer Locations

This, like all other optional quests, must be activated first. To begin the quest, you must interact with Gisu.

How to Find Gisu in Psychonauts 2

Gisu is hidden away in a secret treehouse outside of Motherlobe. To find the treehouse, go to the left side of the exit of the Motherlobe Area.

Follow the logs all the way down to the treehouse. You’re on the right track if you hear rock music.

When you speak with Gisu, she will assign you a quest to find and deactivate three Psychoseisometers. A scene will trigger when you successfully locate a Psychoseisometer, and you will find yourself in a battle arena.

To finish the quest, you must defeat all of the enemies to deactivate the Psychoseisometer. Because there will be a battle, make sure you have plenty of healing resources on hand.

Psychoseisometer Locations

There aren’t many Psychoseisometers in the game, but they’re all well-hidden, sometimes in difficult-to-access locations. As a result, locating Psychoseisometers in Psychonauts 2 can be difficult.

All Psychoseisometer locations are mentioned in this guide.

Psychoseisometer Location # 1

To locate the first Psychoseisometer, head to the entrance of the Questionable Area. Look around for the Blast Cap Betty Cave sign. It will be on the right side of the entrance to the Questionable Area.

An entrance to Blast Cap Betty Cave can be found next to the cave’s sign. Move into the cave. The cave on the inside is a sort of a maze.

Jump around on the rocks and climb over the trees and vines to get to the exit. There is a Psychoseisometer on the exit.

Psychoseisometer Location # 2

The next Psychoseisometer is well hidden, making it difficult to locate. To obtain the second one, exit the cave and enter the Questionable Area.

Look for the Campfire sign. A climbable pole can be found to the left of the sign. Climb until you reach a dead-end then jump off to the nearest tree.

Continue until you notice a strong gust of wind blowing between the tree you’re standing on, and the one opposite to it.

Now, use your levitating power to land on the opposite tree. You’ll bump into the second Psychoseisometer there.

Psychoseisometer Location # 3

Make your way to the Aquato Family Caravan. Look to the left as you enter the camp through the wooden archway.

You will notice a series of climbable rocks. To gain access to a hidden cave, jump over the rocks. The cave’s entrance will be obstructed by some rocks.

Remove the rocks to enter the cave. The third Psychoseisometer lies in the cave.

Return to Gisu once you’ve found and deactivated all of the Psychoseisometers. This marks the end of the quest. Here you will get the Good Vibes Only achievement.

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