Psychonauts 2 Maligula Boss Guide

This Psychonauts 2 Maligula Boss guide contains everything you need to know to fight and defeat the Maligula boss in psychonauts 2.

This Psychonauts 2 Maligula Boss guide contains everything you need to know to fight and defeat the Maligula boss in psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Maligula Boss

Maligula makes you realize what a messed-up place a human mind is. She’s an entire water tornado moving around in a human mind. But she needs to be destroyed since she has Nona trapped inside of her.

Like most other boss fights in Psychonauts 2, fighting Maligula is quite easy. She doesn’t have a lot of moves to attack you with.

However, you do have a plethora of mind abilities in store for her. In fact, the cutscenes between the fight are more interesting than the fight itself.

How to Defeat Maligula

The fight doesn’t require you to have very good reflexes. However, there’ll be times during the battle where you’ll have to dodge her attacks within a small time window.

She’ll send small water monsters sliding towards you. Attacking them will not be the best use of your abilities.

Once they’re near you, they’ll attack. Step aside right in time, and you’ll see them disappear after a failed attempt. They can only attack once.

Other than that, the boss keeps moving towards you at a nominal pace. You have an entire battlefield to move across to keep your distance from her.

Your Time Bubble ability will help you keep your distance from her, as well as attack her. Later during the battle, Lizzie and Adam will try to help you, but Maligula is too powerful for them. Therefore, you’re on your own.

After Adam tries to attack her, the water tornado will disappear, and she’ll show you her true self. This time around, a few other antagonists will pop up to assist her.

All of these antagonists will have to be attacked, unlike the water snakes. Keep using your Time Bubble ability to destroy them while attacking Maligula and keeping your distance from her.

When she’s lost almost half of her health, she’ll pull the water tornado around her again. Keep attacking her with your Time Bubble ability while dodging her water snakes.

Later on, Norma will join in and leave her steaming hot using her fire attack. But that would be it from Norma’s side, and you’ll be on your own again.

This time around, you’ll have several objects lying around you which you can pick up using your Telekinesis ability and throw at the boss.

The End

The final half of the battle would be all about catching your breath and attacking the boss until she falls into the hole behind her.

The game will prompt you with two controls that you require for breathing in and attacking. The battle will be over when Maligula falls into the hole behind her, and a long cutscene follows.

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