Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Classroom Walkthrough

In this guide, we will help you complete the second mission in Psychonauts 2. This Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Classroom Walkthrough will show you how to complete all objectives to finish the main story mission.

Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Classroom

Hollis’ Classroom is the main story mission that comes after The Motherlobe Part 1 mission in Psychonauts 2.

Once you have entered Hollis’ mind, Norma will take control of the classroom while Hollis will leave. You can now learn about the Mental Connections by accepting the challenge from Norma.

Select the Mental Connection power and aim at one of the thoughts to jump inside it. Once inside a thought, aim at the other thought to make a connection between the two.

This will bring a whole bunch of new thoughts to the table that you can connect by chaining the white Nodes. Go through the platforms by jumping from node to node to make a connection with the Disgust thought.

The students will tell you to change Hollis’ idea about letting the students go on the Psychonauts mission by changing her mind. Keep going up the platforms by jumping into the nodes and link it with the Risk thought.

From here, jump out of the node and break the barrier in front of you using the PSI Blast to go through it.

Exit the Ambulance

A short cutscene will play where you will find yourself in the back of an ambulance truck that Hollis is driving. Escape through the truck by jumping out of it.

Hollis will be seen entering the hospital when the cutscene begins. A Bad Idea enemy will spawn out of nowhere that you will now have to defeat. The Bad Idea will try to come at you and blow on your face.

Try to keep your distance from it and use a ranged weapon to kill it.

Enter the Hospital

After you have defeated the Bad Idea enemy, enter the hospital to initiate the next cutscene.

Hospital Hallway

After the cutscene ends, Raz will find himself on top of his X-Rays where he needs to go from one platform to another. Keep going through the X-Rays until you reach the brain.

You will now find yourself in a new room with new thoughts. Use the Mental Connection power to get to the Victory thought.

Find Hollis

A door will open that leads to the next room where Hollis is. You need to find her and change her mind before it’s too late.

Hollis is worried about the students getting killed during the mission and finds it riskier to let students go on the mission.

But, two new thoughts will appear that will show that if the mission is successful, there is a possibility of getting extra funds that the organization needs.

Mental Connection Puzzle

In order to change Hollis’ mind for sure, you need to connect the Risk and Money thoughts with each other. Use the Mental Connection power to link Money thought with the Risk thought to successfully change Hollis’ mind.

A cutscene will play after where Hollis will enter the class and inform the students about the mission. This will be the end of Hollis’ Classroom story mission.