Psychonauts 2 Hollis Classroom Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you the Psychonauts 2 Hollis Classroom Collectibles Locations that you can find in the level

Hollis Classroom is the second level you’ll come across in Psychonauts 2. This level contains several collectibles for you to find. In this Hollis Classroom Collectibles guide, we’ll be listing down the locations of all the collectibles found in Psychonauts 2, Hollis Classroom.

Psychonauts 2 Hollis Classroom Collectibles Locations

Below are all the Hollis Classroom Collectibles in Psychonauts 2

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Emotional Baggage in Hollis Classroom

Starting off with the most important collectible Psychonauts 2 has to offer, the Emotional Baggage. During your search for collectibles, you’ll come across five different types of Emotional Baggages in each level.

In Hollis Classroom you’ll find two of them i.e., Steamer Trunk and Hatbox. However, you can’t directly find Emotional baggage since they’re associated with their respective tags which you’ll have to find as well.

Therefore, find the tags first then look for the baggage.

Steamer Trunk

Find the Steamer Trunk tag at the beginning of the Hollis Classroom level. Jump on to the right platform and grab the tag from behind the desk.

As for the Steamer Trunk, you’ll have to head outside the Emergency Room atop of the hospital and under the pipes on your left. You can get up to the top via an ambulance parked near the hospital.


The Hatbox tag is also found atop of the hospital but this time you’ll have to visit the vent. Simply climb up to the vent to grab the tag. Head down to the left section of the hospital to find the Hatbox outside, near the bush.

Memory Vaults in Hollis Classroom

Memory Vaults are once again a part of the Psychonauts franchise with the same purpose and that is to contain the memories of the character it occupies. Hence, they’re also called Mental Vaults.

Unfortunately, you’ll only find a single Memory Vault on Hollis Classroom level at the third section (Morgue). Use a mental connection to access the next room and find the Memory Vault at the center of the corridor ahead.

Half-A-Minds in Hollis Classroom

Two separate brain parts in Psychonauts 2. Collect both pieces to gain an extra mental health pool.

You won’t drop a sweat when finding these pieces as the first one is found in the middle of the Morgue. For the second one, you’ll have to use a mental connection to reach the top part of the Morgue and find the second Half-A-Mind piece.

Nuggets Of Wisdom in Hollis Classroom

One of the last collectibles to be found in Psychonauts 2 are The Nuggets of Wisdom. These may come in different shapes and sizes but are identified by their golden glow.

Once you’ve found one of these collectibles, you’ve hit the jackpot as you’ll increase your rank which includes Intern Credits.

Total three Nuggets of Wisdom are found in Hollis Classroom. The first one is located at the point where you initially use the Mental connection in this level.

The second Nugget of Wisdom is found hiding behind the bushes outside of the hospital. Lastly, the third Nugget of Wisdom is found at the Chuch area of the Level.

Figments in Hollis Classroom

Saved the best for the last. Unfortunately, there are too many figments to keep track and list down properly. However, due to their sheer number, you can easily find them while hunting for other collectibles as they are always in the nearby area.

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