How to Unlock Gadgets in Psychonauts 2

In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock the Gadgets and Photo Mode Filters in Psychonauts 2

In Psychonauts 2, Raz can gain access to some unique gadgets to allow him to interact with the world in fun ways. Whether it be tuning into stray thoughts or even taking pictures (the game’s photo mode), the gadgets have you covered. In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock the Gadgets and Photo Mode Filters in Psychonauts 2.

How to Unlock Gadgets in Psychonauts 2

The main gadgets you get to use in Psychonauts 2 are the Thought tuner and the Otto shot.

Thought Tuner

The Thought Tuner will let you go to the areas that you can’t go normally along by tapping into Mental connection paths.

Otto Shot

The Otto Shot device is the camera used in the game and you can use this by holding the right button. This is basically Psychonauts 2’s photo mode. The Otto Shot lets you take some snazzy photos of Raz. Taking a bunch of them even unlocks the Shutterbug achievement

How to unlock the Gadgets

To unlock both gadgets, you have to reach the Quarry in the game’s story. You have to go straight to Otto’s lab after leaving Motherlobe.

This is just across the lake and can’t be missed as it is a huge building. You can cross the lake either by rowboat or by looking at the signs to take the sidewalk. In this case, a series of platforms will rise from the lake which will help you in crossing the lake.

Now, enter Otto’s lab in front of you and have a conversation with the Scientist. At this point, you will have a couple of conversation options. An option makes Raz ask if he can borrow any gadget or not.

After choosing that option, Otto will give you the Thought Tuner and Otto Shot. You’ve now successfully unlocked the photo mode and a neat thought traversal gadget.

How to unlock Photo Mode filters

To unlock and use different filters in the game, you have to spend some in-game money. You can purchase the filters from the OttoMactic machines by spending 75 Psitanium. You can buy five filters from the Ottomatic vendor machines.

You can buy the following Photo Mode filters in Psychonauts 2.

  • Psitonium
  • Hot Dog Spectralizer
  • Achromatizer
  • Psychodelica
  • Classif-eyed

You can select different filters simply by pressing and holding the up button when utilizing the Otto-Shot in Psychonauts 2.

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