Psychonauts 2 Tips

If you’re about to start your Psychonauts 2 journey and want a little help to get a kick start, you’re in the right place. With these Psychonauts 2 tips, we’ll be diving deep into all essential tips to get the most out of your experience with the game.

Psychonauts 2 Tips

As you dive deep into the mental adventure of the game, you’ll find yourself a little confused here and there.

There’s a lot to do, and you’ll often find yourself wandering about without any purpose, so try and make use of the few Psychonauts 2 tips we have for you below!

Breaking Objects

This has to be one of the most essential Psychonauts 2 tips, especially if you’re low on some cash. Breaking objects around you help you get the in-game currency called Psitanium.

Psitanium isn’t exactly guaranteed from breaking objects. But, it’s still worth finding out what’s in the box.

Go around and explore the locations and hubs in the game to find these destructible objects. Once you’ve got the money, you can use that for health upgrades, storage, and power modifications.

Farm Psitanium

As for the techniques to break objects, you can always use your basic attacks. You can use melee and combos attacks to break things and get the Psitanium.

But as for a quick and effective method, we suggest you charge your  Pyrokinesis. It’ll help you burn objects quicker, and it’ll also pretty much drop Psitanium every time.

Increase Psitanium Capacity

The Wallet that you have at the start of the game has very little capacity to carry things. For example, it can only hold about 100 Psitanium, which is very low to buy anything.

Invest 75 Psitanium and purchase a Psifold Wallet from Otto-Matic. You’ll be able to carry 1000 Psitanium now. You can later upgrade your wallet to an Astra Wallet that holds a capacity of 750 Psitanium.

Having a larger capacity in your wallet helps you with accessing collectibles easily. Otherwise, if you find a supply chest and you’re at your full limit, you won’t be able to access it.

Invest in Mental Magnet Pin

Buying a Mental Magnet Pin and equipping yourself with it as soon as possible is the best investment you can make in Psychonauts 2.

This pin lets you attract all the Psitanium that might be at a distance from you. You can purchase it for 200 Psitanium from Otto-matic.

This pin ensures you never miss any Psitanium, whether it’s close or far, because it will grab it for you. Apart from Psitanium, it’ll also catch the green orbs that drop once an enemy is killed.

Explore Free Roam Locations

Exploring locations in Psychonauts 2 is a pleasing and rewarding experience. In between the missions, you can visit the free roam locations, where you’ll find a bunch of good stuff.

You’ll have different types of collectibles here and Otto-matic shops. Every free roam location has its own set of collectibles. For example, Motherlobe has its own kind of Supply Chests, Challenge Markers, and Challenge Cards.

You can converse with different NPC’s you’ll find there, and you can also opt for various side missions.

Going around these locations and exploring what they have stored for you helps immensely with your rank level and gives you other rewards.

Collectibles Increase Intern Rank

Every Mind level in Psychonauts 2 has many collectibles that, upon collecting, positively contribute to your intern level. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you follow the main path and look if you can find any collectibles here.

Figments are the type of collectibles that glow and also move a little bit.  With every 100 of these, you’ll get one intern rank.

Nuggets of Wisdom glow in gold, so they are also pretty hard to miss. They’ll give you a whole rank whenever you collect one.

Memory Vaults are blue and will run away when approached. Raz will pass a comment whenever this one is near, so you’ll spot it easily.

And the last type of collectible is emotional baggage. As the name suggests, it’ll cry loudly, and Raz will also comment when it’s nearby. You’ll have to reunite it with its baggage, and once done, you’ll be able to collect it. Every five of these will give you an intern rank.

Revisit the Mindscapes

If you’ve missed a collectible, there’s no need to worry. In Psychonauts 2, you can always revisit a previous mindscape and collect or explore what you might have missed before.

Simply exit the brain and return to the physical location you were previously in. Through the Operation Lady Luctopus mission, you’ll be able to use Sasha’s machinery to go back to the past mental worlds.

Use the machine and enter the Collective Unconscious Area, where you’ll find several doors, each leading to a different part of the brain that you’ve unlocked.

Now you can go back to any part you like and collect whatever you have missed or explore any hidden area.

Unlocking Gadgets

A Thought Tuner is the most crucial gadget in Psychonaut 2, and you must unlock it. It is a rare and unique tool that gives Raz the ability to tune into the energy of Stray Thoughts.

To unlock it, visit Otto’s Lab in the Quarry after you’ve completed the third brain level called Hollis’ Hot Streak. She’ll loan you Thought Tuner and an Otto-Shot camera. We’ll discuss the Otto-Shot camera later in depth.

As for Thought Tuner, if you have come across an area that you can’t access, chances are you need a Thought Tuner to unlock it.

Once the gadget is equipped, you’ll be able to see these thoughts floating in the real world as well. You’ll also be able to enter the search mode when Thought Tuner is in use.

Whenever you’re nearby a Stray Thought, the Thought Tuner will start tuning. And even when it’s still not in use, it’ll hint you about Stray Thoughts around you.

Thought Tuner is especially very helpful for you when it comes to finding collectibles and increasing your intern rank.

Unlocking Photomode

As for the Photo mode, you’ll need the Otto-Shot Camera that we discussed earlier. Along with Thought Tuner, Otto will loan you the camera to unlock the game’s photo mode.

It’ll let Raz take pictures in the mental and physical world. You can even purchase different filters for the camera to juice up Raz’s pictures.

Heal and Increase Health

As you proceed in the game and visit different worlds, you’ll find green containers all around you often. Whenever you hit them, little green health icons will spread around you, and you can pick them up and gain health.

You can also purchase the brain candy called PSI pop from Otto-Matic shop to increase your health instantly.

As for the health points, you’ll need to find the rare collectible called Half-A-Mind. You have to reunite them with their other halves, and once done, you’ll gain a Brain of Mental Energy.

Unlock Fast Travel

After the Mail Room mission, Raz will find a white hatch on the surface used as a fast travel point. After a long cutscene that includes questions about how it works, you’ll finally understand Otto’s Brain-Only Network and have access to it.

How to Sprint in Psychonauts 2

Now you can’t sprint in Psychonauts 2, but there might be an even better alternative. Once you have unlocked the Levitation Psychic Power, it will enable you to use the Levitation Ball.

A Levitation ball is far faster and quicker than your standard running and even faster than sprinting. It’s a great alternative; however, it can get out of control sometimes, so be careful with it.

Using Levitation with Control Settings

This might sound crazy, but you can actually use levitation without even having to equip it. All of this magic is hidden in your control settings!

Simply go to your control settings and scroll down to the levitation settings. Enable the ‘Use Triple Jump to Glide’ and triple jumping will trigger gliding. Whereas when ‘Levitation Ball Pull-down from Glide’ is enabled, you can bring in the levitation ball while gliding!

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