Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies Collectibles Locations Guide

Fatherland Follies is one of the levels in Psychonauts 2, and just like other levels, it has ample collectibles in...

Fatherland Follies is one of the levels in Psychonauts 2, and just like other levels, it has ample collectibles in store for you. Our Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies Collectibles Locations guide below takes a dig into the location of every single collectible that Fatherland Follies has to offer.

Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies Collectibles Locations

There are basically five categories of collectibles featured in Psychonauts 2. Figments, Emotional Baggage, Memory Vaults, Half-A-Minds, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

Of these, Figments are the most plentiful, with Fatherland Follies containing 98 of them.

Apart from the Figments, there are five Emotional Baggage, two Half-A-Mind, three Nuggets of Wisdom, and two Memory Vaults in Fatherland Follies.

Fret not, as our guide below outlines the locations of all 110 of the collectibles in Fatherland Follies.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Figments in Fatherland Follies

Figments Location # 1

The first 29 of the figments can be found scattered around Truman’s Dressing Room.

Some of them will be scurrying back and forth through the purple curtains, while some will be inside the statue in the middle, so keep an eye out for them as well.

Figments Location # 2

After getting the Dufflebag’s tag, head to the first scene of the royal family. Use the bouncy ropes to platform up behind the clouds. On the way, you’ll find 2 more figments.

Furthermore, at the very top of the clouds, there will be a platform on the other side. Jump to it to grab 2 more figments.

Figments Location # 3

From the previous location, head outside to the area with another cloud and an aircraft. Move from one hanging platform to the other, and along the way, you’ll find 10 more figments.

Figments Location # 4

From the location of the first memory vault, proceed ahead, using Time Bubble power to jump across the spinning platforms. Up ahead, you’ll find 2 more figments hovering in the air.

Figments Location # 5

From the location of Hatbox, move along the wooden platform, and you’ll collect 6 more figments.

Figments Location # 6

At the location where you’ll find the suitcase tag, you’ll find 3 figments close by.

Figments Location # 7

Drop from the location of the first Half-A-Mind, and you’ll find 5 more figments nearby.

Figments Location # 8

Head back to the interactive area where you found the first Half-A-Brain and Purse, and choose the backdrop of what looks like a forest with some trees at its entrance.

Head inside to find 5 more figments.

Figments Location # 9

This is inside the lighthouse with small, purple-colored entrance walls. There are 4 figments inside amongst the spinning platform.

Use your Bubble Time power to obtain them.

Figments Location # 10

Exit the previous location from the other end. There will be 17 more figments scattered all around the area that you’ll see come across next.

Figments Location # 11

At the house where you’ll find the third nugget of wisdom, there’ll be a locked door. Smack it down and head inside.

Destroy the glittery wall ahead and proceed forward. Here, you’ll find 4 more figments.

Figments Location # 12

The next 6 figments will be located in the gift shop where you’ll also find the Suitcase.

Figments Location # 13

From the location of the second Half-A-Brain, move in the southern direction.

You’ll see a handful of huts. The last figment will be hovering at the backside of its face.

Emotional Baggage in Fatherland Follies


In Figments Location # 1, while inside the statue, you’ll come across the glittery wall.

Destroy it and use your Mental Connection power to reach the platform containing the Dufflebag’s tag.

To acquire the Dufflebag from Figments Location # 6, drop down to the ground and follow the train’s track to the entrance of the tunnel. Inside, move in the north-western direction to find the desired emotional baggage.


At Figment Location # 2, you’ll find the Hatbox’s tag.

The Hatbox itself will be located on the broken wooden platform near Figments Location # 4.


From the location of Hatbox, head to the courtyard with greenery underneath. Amongst the tombstones, you’ll find the tag of the Suitcase.

To get the Suitcase itself, head to the gift shop to find it sitting on the shelf near pink dolls. Note that this area is accessible to you through a cutscene, so if you’ve skipped it, to access this area, you’ll need to replay the level.


At the same location as the first Half-A-Mind, you’ll find a secret area within the frozen wasteland backdrop. The Purse’s tag is located behind the ice wall.

To acquire the Purse, drop outside this secret area, and you’ll find it near the bed outside.

Steamer Trunk

Both the Steamer trunk and its tag will be inside Location # 9 of the figments.

Half-A-Minds in Fatherland Follies

Half-A-Mind # 1

It is located in the desert scenery near the tag of the Suitcase. Platform up and go behind the backdrop to grab it.

Half-A-Mind # 2

You’ll find it in the alcove at the back of the waterwheel, behind a blue figment.

Memory Vaults

Memory Vault # 1

In Figments Location # 3, while jumping across the platforms, climb up the ladder that you’ll come across.

Proceed ahead and glide down to the train track. Just at its entrance, you’ll find the desired memory vault.

Memory Vault # 2

It is located amongst the figments at Figments Location # 11.

Nuggets of Wisdom in Fatherland Follies

Nugget of Wisdom # 1

You’ll find the first nugget of wisdom in Location # 8 of the figments.

Nugget of Wisdom # 2

For the second nugget of wisdom, drop out from the backdrop in the previous location, and proceed straight ahead to a corner room with a lot of Faberge eggs.

Inside, you’ll find the second nugget of wisdom sitting amongst the Faberge eggs.

Nugget of Wisdom # 3

At the Figments Location # 10 in a small wooden house, located close to where you entered the place.