Psychonauts 2 Die-Brarian Boss Guide

In this guide, we will show you how to defeat the Librarian boss Die-Brarian in Psychonauts 2 and provide a sequential rundown of the fight, boss moves, and our own tips and recommendations.

Psychonauts 2 Die-Brarian Boss

The Die-Brarian Boss consists of three tough phases, as it protects itself and its minions from you. The boss is capable of performing a number of AoE attacks that you will have to be cautious of as you walk around the arena.

Fight the boss from the inside and defeat the Die-Brarian Boss by teaming up with Teacher Cassie! Below, you can find info on how to defeat all three phases of the boss fight.

The First Phase

You begin in an open arena with Die-Brarian towering over you. She will summon red circles around the arena which will release her minions. Deal with the minions.

As you try to hit the boss, you’ll notice that you can’t reduce her health. This is due to another minion right next to her, attached to her with a green cord, giving her protection.

This minion may be a little hard to hit with ranged attacks, as it keeps dodging, so you have to go for melee attacks. When getting close, do be warned that the boss has the tendency to swipe her arms all across the arena.

After you defeat the minion and can attack the boss again, wait until the boss’s HP is at 75%. This triggers a cutscene where your ally infiltrates the boss’s body.

The Second Phase

This phase starts the same as last time. Die-Brarian summons minions to attack you and one minion to defend herself.

Kill all of them and untether the protection minion. A variety of objects land in the arena. Hitting her with them is the most effective way of reducing her health.

After a lot of damage, she might hide and the arena will be bombarded with books and ink splashes, look out for the shadow of falling objects. When she puts her finger to her mouth, the force of her shushing you will force you back.

After more than half her health is gone, she falls again and there is yet another opening for your ally. Teacher Cassie will be able to infiltrate the boss.

The Third Phase

Now the boss summons her minions and two protection minions, one to defend her and another to defend a strong minion. So, deal with them first.

In this phase, she will more regularly summon her minions and drop objects on top of you. Reduce her Hp until a dart falls in the arena. Hit her with the dart and she’ll fall over once again.

Teacher Cassie can now enter the mind of the boss again. Together your three allies will defeat the Die-Brarian from the inside.

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