Psychonauts 2 Bob’s Bottles Collectibles Locations Guide

Bob’s Bottles is a level in Psychonauts 2 that features all the five types of collectibles that you’re able to...

Bob’s Bottles is a level in Psychonauts 2 that features all the five types of collectibles that you’re able to find in the game. In this Psychonauts 2 guide, we’ll be guiding you to the locations of all the collectibles in Bob’s Bottles so that you can easily collect everything.

Psychonauts 2 Bob’s Bottles Collectibles Locations

Bob’s Bottle is a big location; Here you’ll find 165 Figments, 2 Nuggets of Wisdom, 2 Half-A-Minds, 2 Memory Vaults and 5 Emotional Baggage.

Figments are really in abundance here in this location, but they are also easy to collect as they are not hidden most of the times. Other items might need little more effort.

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Nugget Of Wisdom in Bob’s Bottle

Near the Dufflebag location climb the straw and get on the rock. You have to cross two more straws by jumping to reach the platform where you can get Nugget of Wisdom.

Second Nugget of Wisdom can be found in the place where you first entered. Went to that area explore its right side. You will find your Nugget of wisdom across the lily pads there.

Memory Vaults in Bob’s Battle

There are two Memory Vaults in Bob’s Battle. You can find first one after getting into Bob’s memories through the green bottle.

On your right you will find a locked door.  You need to use your Projection ability to enter.

For second one, you are required to the place name Bog of the Betrothed.

There, across the lilies get to the secret area using straw rails. Go across the long dinning table to get access the Memory vault room.

Half-A-Mind in Bob’s Bottle

In Viking Reception, you need to go the top of the Viking ship to retrieve the brain. First to get on the oars you might need to use Dark Thoughts upgrade and the Dive mechanic. Then get to the platform across from there use the ropes to climb to top.

Emotional Baggage in Bob’s Bottle

For every emotional baggage in Psychonauts 2, you must first also get your hands on the tags. Below we have mentioned the location of the tag first followed by where you can find the emotional baggage.


The Purse tag can be found about halfway through the level. There you will see two cocktail sticks. Explore the right side a little you’ll find Purse tag there.

Purse baggage is also lying nearby here in the area. Just ahead of cocktail sticks there is trapeze. By the help of this trapeze reach the Purse on top.


After completing the first platforming section, you’ll come to a lime. This is the next area where you should be. In this area you will find the Dufflebag up on a platform.

Use the Levitation Ball to get to the fridge, which is located on a random platform. The Dufflebag Tag is right behind it.


Hatbox baggage and tag are on the Bob’s Island. After getting on the island go to the left there you will find another island with Lilly girl on it.

Go grab the tag from there. After that go to the girl talk and then walk straight ahead and explore the left side of the area. You’ll find the Hatbox lying there.


First get to the wedding cake section of the level, you’ll find the Suitcase baggage and tag both there.

The tag is located at the top of the cake, in the middle of three candles. And the suitcase is located on the left side of the reception stage.

Steamer Trunk

The Steamer Trunk is on the final island access with the blue bottle. You can find the tag easily there on sand near rocks.

The Steam Trunk Emotional baggage is on an island with Truman Zanotto. Just follow the wooden platforms you will find the baggage at the end.

Figments in Bob’s Bottle

As you know figments are not hidden. You mostly find them in your path. Here we list down the important locations; So, you can follow our guide to speed things up and maximize your collection.

Figment Location #1

In Tia’s kitchen, Look behind the refrigerator’s door. Go to the backside to get the pink Figment before going through it into the garden.

Figment Location #2

Second location to find figment on our list is Bog of the Betrothed. Just go there and get to the back of the neck of the bottle and get the pink unicorn Figment from there.

Figment Location #3

Viking Reception do have fair share of figments. As we discussed earlier about this area under Half-A-Mind heading. Explore the place and grab them figments.

Look for the purple balloon Figment above the stage, which can be obtained by upgrading the Mental Connection power with the Dark Thought upgrade.

Figment Location #4

Go to Sunken Ship area, find the pink fish that surfaces before sinking back under. In case you don’t get this Figment the first time, wait for the fish to show up again (will be along the same path somewhere).

Sunken Ship area has more to offer, you can grab the Figment at the bow of the ship and then use the Mental Connection power to connect to the Dark Thoughts.

This will help you reach the treasure chest Figment on the driftwood below. Return to the ship’s mast via the Dark Thoughts to grab the yellow snake.

Figment Location #5

In the Motherlobe Atrium place you can get the figments behind the waterfall, on the left of entrance.

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