PSN, Xbox Live to be Down on Christmas: Hacker Phantom Squad

Phantom Squad, a hacking group warns that they will take down PSN and Xbox Live for a week on Christmas!

One band of hackers with a similar name, Lizard Squad, would have been enough but now we have another in the form of Phantom Squad. These guys are quickly making their name in the world of hacking by doing what they do best i.e. taking down different services being used by ordinary people.

On their Twitter profile, the hacker group has warned that this Christmas they are going to take down not only PSN but also Xbox Live.

Not only that, they are boasting they will keep both the services down for about a week. Here’s the tweet:

We are going to shut down Xbox live and PSN this year on Christmas. And we are going to keep them down for one week straight.

That was not all, some time later Phantom Squad teased “don’t you all get it? We will be in charge of taking down PSN and Xbox Live servers this year” and followed it by announcing that they are not allies with Anonymous or Lizard Squad.

Their Twitter account claims that they have taken down Call of Duty Black Ops 3 On December 12 alongside Xbox Live (only for a little while). Rest of their claims include taking down Star Wars The Old Republic, FIFA,, GTA 5 and only a couple of hours ago, Reddit.

All these claims were made between December 12 and now, and although we are not sure how many of them are true, figuring this out could help us decide whether we need to take these guys seriously or not.

Anyhow, they are now asking their “fans” what to take down next and the options include Steam, PlayStation and Xbox alongside some random guy.

It is a fact that Xbox Live was down a couple of days ago, but we have no way to verify if it had something to do with these guys who call themselves Phantom Squad.

Check back later for more on PSN and Xbox Live.

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