PSN Went Down Earlier Today, Sony Still Looking into the Issue


PlayStation Network (PSN) went offline earlier today, and as of now Sony is unaware of what has caused this issue, but their engineers are hard at work to find and fix the problem, so that the service can resume.

The error most of people are receiving is “Cannot connect to server NW-31201-7” or “CE-34861-2” on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Some of the people are suggesting that these server errors are due to LizardSquad, the group which has been quite active and has brought down many important servers.

Hopefully, Sony will do something about it soon, because the fans are getting impatient and they even have created a thread on Reddit, where they are expressing their anger on this recent shutdown.

However, until your PSN service fully comes back online, you can play some of the single player games that you may have missed out on before.

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