PlayStation 5 Also Confirmed to Have RDNA 2 and Zen 2 Architecture

Along with Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 now has been confirmed to feature RDNA 2 and Zen 2 architecture. The two consoles seem quite close

By now, it’s confirmed that by the end of 2020, both Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft will be launching their next gen consoles. Now, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has confirmed both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will use Zen series and RDNA 2 architecture. This promises both devices will have new features and major improvements in processing power. We won’t be seeing either of the systems until late 2020 however, specifications for both devices have surfaced.

Coming to the Xbox Series X, the Series X will have a custom CPU based on the Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architecture. It will also be using the Arcturus 12 which is AMD’s new graphics processing unit (GPU). The Arcturus 12 packs 12 teraflops and is the latest GPU technology from AMD.

The Xbox Series is also ten times faster than the Xbox One and may support 16gb of Ram. This secures enough power for Xbox to support smooth frames when it comes to 4k gaming. These specifications belong to the Series X from the upcoming line of Xbox devices as the specs for project Lockhart are yet to come.

Next we have the Sony PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 will have an 8 core modified Ryzen 7 CPU. The CPU will use a “7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture” and may have twice the clock frequency of the PS4 Pro. The PS5 will also support a Radeon Navi GPU. The Radeon Navi will support Ray Tracing technology which was confirmed by Mark Cerny in a recent interview with Wired.

Rumors indicate that the PlayStation 5 may be more powerful than the Xbox Series X and will support 8k resolution as well. Both devices are moving away from Hard Drives and will support M.2 NVME (non-volatile memory express) Solid State Drives (SSD) instead. Mark Cerny states in his interview with Wired that they have not decided the storage capacity but that the PS5 will have higher read and write speeds compared to current PC systems.

It is still not confirmed what the PlayStation 5 may look like although some rumored images feature a rather odd looking device. The Series X however, has revealed it’s design officially. It is a safe assumption that the Series X looks more like a desktop system than a console.

Compared to the old designs it may seem larger but still features a power button and an optical drive. The top features a vent for airflow which illuminates with the signature green glow.

Knowing that Playstation 5 will not be taking part in E3 2020, Xbox has the whole platform to itself. However, Sony’s calm stance may hint that they might have a better card up their sleeves.

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