Native PS5 Disney Plus & Spotify Apps Leaked

Disney Plus and Spotify are already available on PlayStation 5 but not natively. The PlayStation flagship console is currently using the PS4 apps via backward compatibility. That, however, appears to be changing soon.

There have been a number of leaks that suggest Sony Interactive Entertainment is getting ready to roll out native Disney Plus and Spotify apps for PlayStation 5.

The native Disney Plus app, for example, was spotted on the PSN database earlier today (via Reddit), codenamed Vader. The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account also corroborated the leak by stating that it has spotted a native Spotify app on the PlayStation backend as well.

It remains unknown as to what difference the new, native versions will bring, or how they will differ from the PS4 versions.

The public is hoping that the native apps will offer more features, including support for 3D audio. It has for long been debated that since the Disney apps didn’t support 4K resolution on PlayStation 4, their audio is pretty bad when compared with other streaming apps on PlayStation 5.

Audiophiles have often cited that even their high-end gear often produces crackling noises and audio cuts. You can hence keep your fingers crossed that the native PS5 apps will address these audio concerns.


It also remains unknown as to when the native apps will be pushed live on PlayStation 5. The multiple leaks though do provide some assurance that a release might be around the corner.

Elsewhere, there have been rumors that Sony may soon include Discord in the PS5. Given that the gaming community is increasingly relying on Discord, it seems possible that the two companies are truly working on adding support for Discord on the PlayStation 5.

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