PS5 Consoles Are Reportedly Getting Bricked At Launch

PlayStation 5 consoles are reportedly dying on the first day of launch without any reason. Sony is yet to make a statement.

PlayStation 5 consoles are reportedly dying on the first day of launch, which will probably be a real scare for those who have already placed in their pre-orders.

Posting on ResetEra earlier today, user “Creepy Woody” stated that he used his PS5 for a few hours to play Astro’s Playroom and install some games before turning the console off for a few more hours. He returned to find his day-one purchase refusing to boot and pretty much dead.

“When I come back I go to turn it on via the Dualsense. Nothing. Okay, try the power button. Nothing. Maybe I’ve had a power trip, check the breaker, is fine. Everything else in the house is fine,” he said.

Why his PS5 died remains to be verified but it does not appear to have anything to do with overheating. He confirmed that before turning off his console, he felt the ventilation grills on the back to be barely warm. There was also no noticeable noise except for the disc whirling in the drive.

This is not the only case. There was a YouTube reviewer from a few weeks back who reported that his early unit had died but which was brushed off to be a rare happening. Earlier today though a third case surfaced on Reddit where another day-one purchaser confirmed that his PS5 died within hours. He too was playing Astro’s Playroom when his DualSense suddenly disconnected. Rebooting caused the console to turn off but has since then been bricked.

“Then I just pressed power again to turn it back on… at first it beeped once like it should… but then nothing else at all,” he said. “No lights, no fan, nothing. It just beeped. It just seems completely dead.”

Purchasing a new console at launch always carries a degree of risk. There are always going to be a few defective units out there. Xbox Series X has been seeing similar cases where the console just dies within hours of gameplay. These though have nothing to do with the recent vaping scare that proved to be nothing but a hoax.

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