PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U Deals Still Shipping by Xmas if you move fast

Online deals for 8th generation consoles are still shipping free by Christmas… however time clock is ticking and the blast door is almost shut.

If you act fast you can still squeeze in before the big day on a PS4 deal. NewEgg, Best Buy, GameStop and more retailers have bundles available around mid-next week and share $50 discounts on the PlayStation 4 Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundles.

PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

  • NewEgg is $299.99 (Arrives by Dec. 23rd)
  • Best Buy is $299.99 (Arrives by Dec. 22nd)
  • Walmart is $299.99 (Arrives by Dec. 23rd)
  • GameStop is $299.99 (in-store pickup only – Delivery not Guaranteed by Xmas)

PS4 Uncharted

  • NewEgg is $299.99 (Arrives by Dec. 23rd)
  • Best Buy is $299.99 (in-store pickup only – OOS for shipping)
  • GameStop is $299.99 (in-store pickup only – Delivery not Guaranteed by Xmas)

Amazon isn’t shipping in time for Xmas on these PS4 bundles, so you may want to move fast.

If you rather fancy the Xbox One, there’s still shipping in time for Christmas and you can get a deal. Select bundles also share a $50 discount like the PS4’s and at the Microsoft Store you’ll get a free game of your choice (Ubisoft title) as an additonal bonus. Microsoft ships in about 5 days depending on your zipcode, so you may need to hustle on this.


Xbox One Bundles

The Nintendo Wii U has been hard to find at a discount since Black Friday, but at least one retailers has a $50 discount. Target has the Mario Kart 8 bundle down to $249.99 and ships by Thursday, December 24th. Another one you’ll need to move fast on, or choose store pickup at checkout.

All of these discounts and bonus offers tie or are virtually the same as Black Friday / Cyber Monday. It was fine to procrastinate on that 8th gen console purchase after all, but one thing you should keep in mind…. These are prices we probably won’t see again until the holiday season 2016.

Contributor at SegmentNext.