PS4 System Update 4.74 Has Issues, Even Sony Says Don’t Download

There’s apparently a problem with PS4 system update 4.74 that was released today, and they’re bad enough that even Sony is telling people not to download the update until it can be fixed. Apparently, downloading the update if you’re part of the beta for update 5.00 means that you’ll be restricted on things, and can’t revert.

That means that you’ll essentially be kicked out of the 5.0 beta, and a number of other issues will start plaguing your Playstation 4. For starters, you’ll be unable to revert back to the version your Playstation 4 was on before the update happened. You’ll find your downloads being reset, games being messed with so you can’t start them without deleting them and downloading them again, and more besides.

Sony has a full statement on the consequences of downloading PS4 system update 4.74 on the official Playstation blog, but in the meantime it appears that if you want to keep your beta access to the 5.0 update, you might want to hold off on updating. While you’ll still be able to update to 5.00 Beta 6, the update will cause other problems with your Playstation 4.

On the upside, despite all of the various limitations and the update messing with your games, it won’t do anything like brick your Playstation 4 or prevent you from connecting to the Playstation Network, then you’d really be in trouble. Hopefully Sony can put out a hotfix that will clear up the problems with PS4 system update 4.74.

There’s no information from Sony on when the next update for the 5.0 beta will come, but in the meantime if you haven’t already downloaded the 4.74 system update you should try and avoid doing so if you don’t want your Playstation 4 to be limited in what you can do on it.

In the meantime, hopefully the update hasn’t messed with the Playstation 4s of other Sony gamers that have downloaded it, but aren’t part of the 5.0 beta.