PS4 Sales Expected to Cross 100 Million By The End of 2019

Sony announced in their financial report that PlayStation 4 sales crossed 82.2 million worldwide shipments and the count is expected to rise by end of 2019

Sony released their financial report today which shows exciting prospects for PlayStation 4. The report consists of the number of sales they managed to make in the past three months and more. Meanwhile, we can forecast the expected count of PS4 sales for the next year as well.

Sony has revealed in their report that global shipments for PS4 console reached the mark of 82.2 million. Moreover, the first quarter of this fiscal year PS4 sales got to 3.2 million. This shows a 0.1 million drop from the first quarter sales of the previous year.

Furthermore, Sony accounts a rise in the shipping forecast for PlayStation 4. From 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2018 the shipping forecast shows sales of 17 million units of the console. Meanwhile, with the ongoing sales size and forecast, the numbers are only going to go up.

Sales for Sony’s prized console could reach the 100 million mark by the end of 2019 with an ongoing trend. Industry Analyst, Michael Pachter assured us before that PS4 purchases were safe. He even emphasized that PlayStation Classic was also not a threat to its sales. As it stands, Michael Pachter was actually quite accurate in backing PS4 “to sell millions”.

Additionally, PS4 is a key contributor for some of the biggest video game company. PlayStation 4 earlier turned out on top in Ubisoft’s revenue generation.

Still, games like Dead Cells have managed to perform well on rival consoles of Sony’s. Nonetheless, PlayStation 4 looks clear from any kind of pitfall in their way. It is due to titles like Spiderman PS4 that Sony manages to balance out or even overcome in this case any damage. Spiderman title went on to become the top game in the history of PlayStation.

Besides, even Microsoft sees the prospects of PS4 and intends to work with Sony in this regard too. They have expressed their wish to bring PS4 in their Minecraft ecosystem. Sales of PS4 are looking alive and well for now.

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