Sony Is Happy With PS4 Pro Sales As It Seems To Be Performing Better Than PS4 Slim

In a recent call to investors, Sony's CFO reveals PS4 Pro sales are better than PS4 Slim thanks to VR and improved console performance

Yesterday, Sony finally released the financial results of its third quarter ending on 31st December and talked about PS4 Pro sales.

Sony’s CFO Kenichiro Yoshida told investors during his briefing that PS4 Pro sales were actually a bit better than the company had expected.

PS4 Pro is running as we had expected, as we assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we anticipated

Given the recent launch of PSVR, it is understandable to see PS4 Pro performing well since the performance boost it offers does help VR games and delivers players a smoother experience compared to the normal PS4.

Yoshida also mentioned that PS4 Pro sales were actually better than PS4 Slim, which was launched only a few months prior to PS4 Pro.

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Considering that the PS4 Slim doesn’t really offer any real advantage over the classic model besides a slightly reduced size, it is no surprise that people would be hesitant to spent a minimum of $300 on that and get a 1080p console when they can spend just a $100 more and get PS4 Pro which is capable of 4K gaming.

Even if someone doesn’t have a 4K capable display, PS4 Pro benefits those players as well since it downsamples 4K quality to display at 1080p which makes the end result better to look at compared to classic PS4.

Speaking of PSVR headset, Yoshida seemed to be happy with its performance as well and said that it was selling “in-line with expectations” although no solid numbers were given as to how many units the headset had sold.

Sony also detailed its upcoming PS4 System Software update 4.5 which will finally offer owners the option to use an external USB hard drive to expand their console’s storage instead of having to buy and replace the internal harddrive.

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