PS4 Pro Performance Boost Will Not Benefit Unpatched PS4 Games

According to PlayStation Social Media Director, PS4 Pro performance boost will not be applicable on current PS4 games if they remain unpatched

Sid Shuman, social media director at Playstation, recently confirmed that not every PS4 game will see a PS4 Pro performance boost. During the Playstation Pro announcement event, Sony talked about some of the currently released PS4 games and how they will benefit on PS4 Pro which led many to assume that all the currently available games will run better on the new console.

The question was originally put to Sid during a Q&A session on Twitter by Jonboy who asked whether unpatched PS4 games will have any PS4 Pro performance boost to which Sid replied and confirmed that irrespective of the new hardware, if the game isn’t patched/updated for the new console, it will work just as it does on the current PS4.

Similarly, multiplayer games will also not see any PS4 Pro performance boost if they were already at a limited framerate cap on the original PS4.

Sony announced the PS4 Pro alongside a slim version of regular PS4 no 7th September and the announcement was met with some mixed responses. While a console at an affordable price of $400 which delivers 4K and HDR at 30FPS is certainly appreciated, there are some other caveats with it.

Being a 4K console, it seems like developers are focusing on higher resolution and graphics quality instead of improving the frame rate as is the case with Mass Effect Andromeda which will be 30FPS on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Of course it is possible that some developers will try to go against the grain like Crystal Dynamics and deliver players the option to choose better quality or higher frame rates.

Some of the other negative feedback regarding PS4 Pro is due to its slightly overclocked CPU and an upgraded GPU which means many games will once again be bottlenecked by CPU performance.

According to Remedy Games, this feels more like a High-end PS4 instead of a substantial console upgrade or a sequel, something which the Project Scorpio from Microsoft is doing.

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