PS4 Piracy Has Become A Thing As GTA V, Far Cry 4 And More Pirated Games Have Appeared Online

Game piracy has been a problem for the game devs and publishers, however, modern consoles have been successful in keeping the pirates away but, it seems that they have found a way to run pirated games on PS4. Yes, PS4 piracy has become a thing, however, it is not that simple.

A bunch of PS4 games have found their way on the web and these games also include high-profile titles such as GTA V and Far Cry 4. However, those who want to play these pirated games will have to make sure of certain requirements which I am not sure they will not be able to, and it will potentially stop them from pirating.

Now the main requirement for this PS4 piracy method is to have a PS4 console running on an old firmware, firmware 1.76 to be exact which came out back in 2014. The reason why this specific firmware is required is that the firmware was jailbroken in December 2015.

On top of finding a PS4 that runs an old firmware, another thing that will create hurdles for the pirates is that the games that came out in last 2-3 years will not run on a PS4 whose firmware has not been updated.

We will wait and see how Sony Interactive Entertainment responds to this PS4 piracy.

In related news, a new EU commission report on game piracy has been published which suggests that video game piracy doesn’t negatively impact the sales. According to the report, piracy might actually benefit the devs and publishers and also suggests that lowering the price of games might not decrease the piracy.

Many game devs have taken anti-piracy measures and the latest one to be used by devs is Denuvo, however, while this anti-piracy measure was successful at first but, it has crumbled recently with almost every other game being cracked using Denuvo.

What is your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments.

Source: HotHardware

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