PS4 Firmware Update 9.00 Causing PSN Issues And Errors

PlayStation 4 owners are advised to hold off from downloading the new PS4 firmware update 9.00 due to reported issues.

PlayStation 4 owners are advised to hold off from downloading the new PS4 firmware update, at least until Sony Interactive Entertainment has come around to issue an official statement on the matter of its stability.

Sony dropped new firmware updates for both PS4 and PS5 earlier today but while the PS5 update was smooth, the PS4 one has reportedly been causing issues.

According to a report by MP1st just now, a number of players who went ahead and downloaded the new PS4 firmware update 9.00 have since then been unable to connect to the PlayStation Store.

Doing so brings up multiple error notifications and while some players have been able to open up the PlayStation Store after numerous reboots, the PlayStation Network as well as the PlayStation 4 console itself feels sluggish and slow.

It gets worse. Some players are also reportedly finding it difficult to connect their controllers (both wired and wireless) following the update. Those who did manage to get their controllers detected (after reboots) began experience delayed inputs in games.

Strangely enough, the issue does not appear to be effecting everyone. There are many players who downloaded the new PS4 firmware update 9.00 and have not experienced a single of the aforementioned issues. However, since there are impacted players nonetheless, it is important that players who are yet to download the update play it safe by waiting a bit to confirm if the update is indeed stable (safe) or not.

PS5 firmware update 9.00 adds a few new features which have been in beta for a while. That includes the ability to view PS5 trophies on PS4 profiles for yourself as well as for other players. Group owners can now delete groups, and blocking someone now gives an option to leave all groups where the blocked person is a member of.

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