Prototype 2 Radnet Challenges Guide

Your Prototype 2 Radnet even walkthrough - All challenges.

Even if you are done with the main story-line, Prototype 2 can keep you engaged with some extra stuff like Radnet challenges. These challenges are set under various conditions which if you manage to beat, you will get the rewards based on your performance.

Prototype 2 Radnet Challenges

Beating them is not that hard, but if you want to collect the Platinum medals, you will have to put in some effort. To make things easy for you, we have this guide for you that can help you in achieving your goal to get the best scores out of these challenges.

Set 1

Challenge Rewards

  • Vignette#1: Character Evolution.
  • Fast Learner Mutation.

Hammerfist attack is a good way to deal with a mob of Blackwatch soldiers but in this challenge, you need to target your Hammerfist precisely to fulfil the requirement. You should try to charge your attack towards the centre of the mob to get the maximum kills.

Gliding before the charge can help you target the particular area you need to strike. You may have to try it a couple of times, but once you find out the spot; you will do it like a pro.

In each round, you will have three chances to get rid of all the soldiers, and if you are good enough, you can save one or even two shots which will get you some additional points.


Collateral Damage – Crosshair (65 Kills)
The concept in this challenge is pretty much the same as in Blast radius but the pattern arrangement of Blackwatch soldiers is different this time.

If the central attacks don’t work for you then targeting the outskirts of the pattern will help. The pattern will change in different rounds so make sure that you adjust your target hits accordingly.

Recovery – City Salvage (1:28)
A straightforward race where you need to collect all the containers you find along the way in the yellow zone. There are 18 of these containers and since its a race, you need to collect them in time to collect the reward.

Recovery – Rooftop Recon (1:12)
Since time is a factor in this challenge, you should try some drop-kicks to save some time.

Grenade Artist – 30 Grenade Launcher Kills
Get a grenade launcher and wreak havoc in any base, preferably in Green Zone, as more enemy units will spawn. You need 30 kills in 30 seconds

Set 2 Challenges

Challenge Rewards

  • Vignette#2: Mocap Magic.
  • Ravenous Mutation

Incineration – Gauntlet(1:00)
You will find 5 barrels in the area with an incinerator. Blackwatch soldiers with rocket launchers will make things more annoying.

You need to use the high flying skills of Heller to grab the container as fast as you can and then toss it into the incinerator. You can follow any sequence as long as you aren’t hit by the rockets.

Rampage – Outbreak (70,000)
You need to use the attacks in a chain so that the most resistant enemies like Juggernaut and Brawlers receive the heavy blows at the end. Try to deal with the weaker enemies first quickly before you turn your attention towards the big dogs.

Incineration – Crossfire (1:00)
You will find 4 barrels on the two rooftops. There will be two incinerators this time so you can pick up the barrels and toss them into the respective incinerator.

Dodging the missiles should be the priority but keep in mind that you have limited time so try to speed up things as much as you can.

Rampage – The Final Shootout (70,000)
To deal with the helicopters, you can use your whipfist or throw cars at them. Weaponizing the choppers can be an option but this may not help you collect as much points as you may by using the melee attacks.

Hammerfist Diver – 40 Hamaerfist kills
You need to kill 40 enemies in 30 seconds to get it done. You can also kill civilians and infected. You need to use charged hammerfist dive attack to complete the challenge.

Its easiest to do so in Red Zone, where infected crowds provide easy targets.

Shotputter – Throw a human or infected 150 feet
Nothing more to say. Just grab someone and run up a building. Then jump and at the top height of your jump, throw the person or infected towards an open area to let them fall 150 feet.

Set 3

Challenge Rewards

  • Vignette#3: Ambient Antics.
  • Health Pack Mutation

Collateral Damage – Grand Slam (124 Kills)
Here, you need to adjust your dives such that you hit the targets and the barrels in one shot to get the maximum kills.

You will also have to use the shockwave attacks. Initial targeting via shockwave is crucial specially when you get to the later stages in this challenge.

Rampage: Survival Of The Fittest – (110,000)
You don’t really need the Hammerfist or the Tendril attacks to deal with the evolved mutants. Sticking to your blade with Tonado attack can be useful.

Once you are upgraded fully, this will be the time when you should bring havoc and grab more points quickly.

Incineration – Pit (0:58)
You will find the barrels found on the rooftops but this time, they aren’t close enough. The missiles here can waste a lot of your time if you get hit in the mid air while jumping off the roofs.

Adjust your movements such that you don’t fall to the ground even if a missile hits you.

Recovery – Freefall (1:16)
How is your jumping skill? It better be good or you will struggle. You should maintain the jump depending upon the height needed.

If you manage to do justice between the jumps and the speed, you have a good chance to get a platinum in this challenge.

Gravity Defier – Stay airborn for 10 seconds
You need to jump off a building and stay in air for atleast 10 seconds. Tallest buildings can be found in Red Zone. Just get to the top and make a HUGE leap, to get a 10 secomd long fall.

Strategic Devastator – 15 Devastator kill
You need to get 15 kills with a Devastator attack. Use it in Red Zonex or in any base with multiple enemies around you and you’ll get it

Set 4

Challenge Rewards

  • Vignette#4: A Sound of Awesome.
  • Security Blanket Mutation.

Chopper – Corkscrew (1:17)
Your speed around the corners will matter a lot. You just need to touch the gates along the way to make them count like a checkpoint system so don’t try compromise your speed for the perfect catch.

Incineration – Pillar (0:48)
Yet another barrels challenge. If you have got the platinum in the previous challenges so far, this should not be a problem for you. Deal with the first pair of barrels before turning towards the second.

Chopper – Disaster Zone (1:19)
Just another helicopter race. You need to pass through all 27 gates in the red zone in to get the job done. Practice here is your only weapon.

The gates are at different altitudes so should train yourself for a bumpy ride. The more cleaner you drive, the more improved your score will be.

Recovery – Ruins (1:28)
There are two things you need to keep in mind except for the speed; don’t miss any container and don’t run off the edges of the building as both these actions will cost you a lot of time. The perfect run can get you the platinum medal.

Bio Bomber – 20 kills with Bio Bomb attack
You need to kill 20 targets using only the bio bomb in 30 seconds to complete this challenge.

Rocket Sharpshooter – 30 Rocket Pod kills
You need to kill 39 targets woth a Rocket pod while piloting an air transport

Set 5 Challenges

Challenge Rewards

  • Vignette#5: Int the Game Out Takes
  • Weightlessness Mutation

Collateral damage – Kamikaze (160 Kills)
You will have to glide to reach the soldiers on the ground. The problem here will be that you need to take sharp turns that makes the targeting difficult.

Obviously, you need to hit in such a manner that you detonate the explosives every time you strike. Try to adopt the path that gives you more kills.

Chopper – Flyover (1:14)
It’s another chopper race but this time, it will be in yellow zone. Conserve as much time as you can during the initial checkpoints so that the tricky gates in the second part of the race can be compensated.

Rampage – Battle Royale (140,000)
It will be like a zombie outbreak where you will face wave after wave of mixed enemies ready to take you down.

Just hit them with all you have got and you will see points piling up quickly. Using different attacks will help you get more points than the usual.

Chopper – Gorge (1:14)
You will have to restart multiple times before you get this run right (until you are too good at chopper handling).

There are tight corners and narrow pathways that won’t allow you any room for error. A perfect run can get you the Platinum medal but that isn’t going to be easy!

Infection Spreader – Infect 50 Humans
Using toxic barrels, yoy are supposed to infect 50 humans into infected in 30 seconds.

Strike Team Killer
Eliminate a strike team in 40 seconds or less

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