“Project Scorpio Graphics Will Be Fantastic”, Says Aaron Greenberg

Microsoft is sure that Project Scorpio will be a good deal, especially in terms of graphical fidelity. In fact, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has talked about this console and he said that Project Scorpio graphics will be fantastic.

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This is what he said at Xbox FanFest in Mexico City.

“This will really bring the most powerful console you’ve ever seen. This console will provide a really true 4K experience, something that we’ve never seen before on the console, and it’s crazy since people have to spend thousands of dollars on high-end PCs to get this kind of visuals. The best part of it all is we’ll be able to scale it in a small console.”

Besides Project Scorpio graphics, there’s a lot of talking about the upcoming console. Moreover, players’ expectations are really high right now. If Microsoft will stay true to their words, there’s nothing that could stop them from having success. Except for the price, Michael Goodman told to We Write Things.

Sony had to be faster than Microsoft. If they come into the marketplace at the same time Scorpio does, as it is, they’ve lost the spec battle. The more I think about it, the more I believe it was absolutely brilliant what Microsoft did in their announcement. There’s nothing Sony can do or say to make people think that Scorpio is not more powerful than PS4 Pro. The only thing they could cause Scorpio’s demise is price. Microsoft doesn’t have to talk about that for a while.

What do you think about Goodman’s words? Will be Scorpio successful?

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Project Scorpio is releasing in 2017.