Project Scarlett Promises Quarterly Exclusives

When it comes to exclusive games, Microsoft is looking forward to doing with Project Scarlett what the company should have done in the current generation.

Speaking with GamesRadar in a recent interview, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, revealed that the goal is to release exclusive games for Project Scarlett “every three to four months” on a regular basis. It’s a tall order but one that would ascertain a substantial next-generation library for the Xbox community.

In addition, Booty confirmed that Project Scarlett will have a larger lineup of games at launch than any other Xbox console in history. He attributed the feat to backwards compatibility, while at the same time assuring that the promise of releasing quarterly exclusives include first-party games as well.

Microsoft has only confirmed Halo Infinite as a launch title for Project Scarlett. However, there are likely more in the mix. Microsoft acquired over a dozen studios to join its family of developers in the past year. Each one of them has the skill (and vision) to drop a game worthy for a next-generation platform like Project Scarlett. There’s inXile Entertainment (Wasteland), Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worlds), Undead Labs (State of Decay), Ninja Theory (Devil May Cry), and more. It’s why Booty feels “really good” heading into 2020 as Microsoft prepares to reveal the new Xbox sucessor. We may as well get to know in the coming months about more exclusive games in the works for Project Scarlett.

There’s still much that remains to be known about Project Scarlett. Neither the console nor the name have been revealed, for example. In terms of hardware specifications, Microsoft has only teased that the new Xbox successor will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X with an aim to tackle native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. On that front, there’s some confirmation about Project Scarlett using ray tracing through dedicated cores to enhance graphics and provide an experience of the highest quality.

Microsoft is pegged to make the official reveal in either early or mid of next year. Project Scarlett will likely be a star attraction at E3 2020, as will be competitor PlayStation 5. Both next-generation consoles are set to launch during the holiday season of 2020. It now only boils down to which company will do a reveal first. Based on pure speculations, Microsoft will be first to show just what Project Scarlett will bring for the Xbox player-base.

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