Project Magnum Will Support Native 4K And DualSense On PS5

Project Magnum intends to make full use of the PlayStation 5 hardware as it blends role-playing games and third-person shooters.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Nat Games CEO Yonghyun Park confirmed that Project Magnum will offer “various graphic options” including “a wide range of resolutions” on PlayStation 5.

The wording suggests that the developer might possibly be looking into graphical and performance modes where players can choose between higher frame rates at lower resolutions or lower frame rates at higher resolutions.

While the graphical and performance modes remain to be confirmed, Park did note that Project Magnum will support native 4K resolution on PlayStation 5. That alongside support for the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technologies of the new DualSense controller.

Project Magnum will be offering various graphic options just like many other PS5 games provide. This includes a wide range of resolutions such as native 4K resolution. In addition, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will be applied as well.

Nat Games “is working tirelessly to optimize the game with the latest technologies to meet the expectations of gamers around the world” and hence, further details about frame rates and resolutions will be provided at a later date.

Project Magnum remains without a release date and even a title for that matter. Park explained that since development schedules had to be constantly readjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were delays and which ultimately forced the developer to make an announcement under a working title.

We were determined to find a better and more fitting title to the game, hence the delay. This, however, turned out to have a bright side as we were able to receive great ideas and inspiration from the many brilliant comments on the teaser.

Project Magnum looks to be in development as a console-exclusive for PlayStation alongside PC. Park stated that platforms are still being finalized and “we are considering all possibilities.” Whether that will turn out as a permanent or timed console exclusivity against Xbox remains to be seen.

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