Project Cars 2 Will Feature 60 Race Tracks And Allow Up To 130 Layout Variations

After last week’s confirmation and released list of the 180 cars Project Cars 2 will have at launch, Slightly Mad Studios has now confirmed that the game will feature 60 race tracks.

During their press release, Slightly Mad Studios confirmed the full 60 track locations which will be in the game. Players will also have access to 130 track layouts across all these 60 tracks so there should be no issue of a lack of track variety in the game.

A list of some of the available tracks at launch including their layout options is given below while the full list is available on the official website:

• Autodromo Algarve – 2
• Azure Circuit (Monaco) – 1
• Greenwood (Kart) – 1
• Hockenheim – 4
• Hockenheim (Historic) – 1
• Imola – 1
• Indianapolis – 2
• Knockhill – 2
• Knockhill RX – 1
• Sonoma Raceway – 3
• Spa – 1
• Summerton (Kart) – 1
• Willow Springs – 3
• Zhuhai – 1
• Zolder – 1

All these press releases and developer diaries of Project Cars 2 makes it seem like a serious contender for the racer of the year and puts Slightly Mad Studios among the top simulation racer developers.

The game developers are pretty confident that they will be able to rival and give competition to Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport 7 and Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport in not only technical aspects of the game but also gameplay variety and fun.

While confidence is good, let us hope it is well placed and all the jabs the developers have been throwing towards Gran Turismo and Forza don’t end up hurting them in the end.


Project Cars 2 is currently set for a 22nd September 2017 release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed the game will run at a native 4K 60FPS on the upcoming Xbox One X console. There is no confirmation whether PS4 Pro version will manage that or not.

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