Pro Evolution Soccer Licenses For AC Milan And Inter Milan Have Been Lost

The next Pro Evolution Soccer game is going to be missing two of its former clubs, according to a Konami announcement made earlier today. The publisher announced that the Pro Evolution Soccer licenses for the football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan have been lost, but this won’t affect PES 2020.

Both clubs, fully licensed, will still be part of that game, but they won’t be in future Pro Evolution Soccer titles unless Konami can re-acquire the licenses. There’s no guarantee that EA Sports will use this opportunity to snap up the licenses for their FIFA games, either.

The license loss also won’t be affecting any myClub players that fans of the game have acquired, and they’ll still be available to use in-game as well. It’s likely that while the official names won’t be part of the game, Konami can keep the teams under a fake club name. This isn’t the first time the franchise has lost a license, after all.

Thankfully, with that in mind, it seems that losing the Pro Evolution Soccer licenses to use AC Milan and Inter Milan hasn’t really inconvenienced the series. Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 will likely still be happening this year, though the game hasn’t been announced yet.

Konami also still has the licenses for a number of other Italian football clubs for their league as well, most prominently the Serie A league, the biggest league competition in Italian soccer. Even if EA Sports gets AC Milan and Inter Milan, PES can still put together a formidable team roster.

EA Sports also (finally) has a license for Serie A, but really which ever game you buy depends on which of your favorite teams is in it. So while the loss of the Pro Evolution Soccer licenses for AC Milan and Inter Milan means you can’t play them in that game, you still have a lot of other clubs to choose from.


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