Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Errors, Crashes, Controls, Lag, FPS, Resolution, Black Screen and Fixes

How to fix errors, crashes, controls and joystick issues, FPS issues, black screen issue and related problems in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series is currently the only considerable competitor for EA’s insanely popular FIFA. Each year, we see iterations from both the franchises but regardless of the gameplay difference, FIFA always comes out on top.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is looking to impress its fans with smooth and more realistic gameplay and has managed to secure good review scores on consoles. As far as PC is concerned, the game is struggling a bit with connectivity and some other small issues.

So if you are looking for a fix for the problem being faced, feel free to browse through the following listing to find possible solution.

#1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Lag on PC and Performance Issues
First things first, make sure that you are using latest GPU drivers and if you are using a laptop, you should be sure that the game is using your dedicated GPU instead of dedicated one.

If that’s not the issue and you are using Nvidia, you can change the following settings from Nvidia control panel.

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames: 4
  • Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration: Single display performance mode
  • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Triple buffering: On
  • Vertical Sync: On

These settings should make things smoother for you. Needless to say that if your PC is not good enough, you should try reducing the visual settings to improve the performance.

#2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Connectivity Issues, Can’t Connect
Around Launch, connectivity issues for any game aren’t surprising so if you are having trouble too, try again sometime later.

If it’s the issue only with you and your friends can connect just fine, you should make sure that your firewall/antivirus is not blocking the game. Add an exception in your firewall and the game should connect normally.

#3 Pro Evolution 2016 Requirement Fail Error
Just make sure that your game is utilizing the dedicated GPU (Nvidia/AMD) and not the integrated one. You can change the setting using the control panel of your GPU. Also, make sure that you are plugged in before launching the game.

You can also try installing the installers manually found in the game’s directory in Steams’s folder.

#4 Pro Evolution 2016 Controller Issues Fix
It’s a soccer game so many of you definitely would want to play it with your beloved controller. Unfortunately, PES 2016 is presenting some issues especially with Xbox One controller.

You can try using Xinput to bind your buttons and just ignore the warning and the controls should work fine.

#5 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – 1920×1080 Resolution Issues
If your Settings.exe isn’t showing the glorious 1080p resolution, you should open properties of settings.exe and in compatibility tab, check the option that says “Disable Digital scaling on high DPI settings”. This should resolve your issue.

#6 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Always Online Issue
For the time being, it seems like there is no way to play the game offline. So yes, you are going to need an internet connection to play the game. There could be a workaround for it in future but for now, it’s just a bad news.

#7 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Black Screen Fix
If you are experiencing black screen with sound running in the background, make sure that you are running the game in the same resolution as your desktop resolution. You can change that through “settings.exe”. Refresh rate could also cause the black screen so you should check that too.

#8 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Crash to Desktop Fix
If your system specs are good enough to run the game, try updating your drivers to avoid such crashes. Disable all the third party applications that could render the game unstable like fraps etc.

Try installing the installers manually found in the game’s folder.

If you are facing any other issues related Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, let us know in the comments below!

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