Prey 2017 20 Minute Speedrun Record Broken, Player Ended It In Just 11 Minutes

Prey 2017 has just launched and gamers have taken upon themselves to end the game as fast as possible. Just recently a player ended the game in just 20 minutes but, now another player has ended the game in even less time and making a new record in the process for a game take takes more or less 20 hours to explore.

The new record for Prey 2017 speedrun holder is YouTuber Bjurnie who ended the game is just 11 minutes, 10 minutes 52 seconds to be exact. Like the 2o minute speedrun, this record was also made by making use of the glitching through the walls, maybe it is time for Arkane Studios to really look into this glitch.

Speaking of glitching through the walls in Prey 2017, this is not the only glitch found in the game. There is another glitch that allows players to generate infinite crafting material. For this glitch to work you will have to play around an hour into the game, where you get to Morgan Yu’s actual office. In the office, you will find a recycler which you can use to break down various items into crafting materials and where the glitch happens.

Prey 2017 is a first-person horror survival game developed by Arkane Studios for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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