President Trump Holds Violent Video Games Responsible For Real Life Violence

Very recently President Donald Trump met with the state and local officials on school safety at the White House and he has shared his thoughts on the recent violent culture that is emerging. According to him, the Violence in the Video Games and films are shaping the minds of young people.

If you remember the tragic incident that took place on 14th Feb 2018 in a Florida High School where a former expelled student unleashed a storm of bullets killing at least 17 adults and children in the process. To that the Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, in an interview said something similar to what President Trump has said. The Governor also blamed the violence in video games to be responsible for the real-life Violence.

While the White House talks about video games to be blamed for real-life violence the survivors of the Florida Shooting are taking steps to gain national advocation for the gun control legislation. In an interview conducted by CNN a 19 years old student at the school Chris Grady, who is a senior exclaimed to the statement of Trump and added that this is just a lame excuse by the authorities to not take responsibility.

He added that he has been playing video games for years, games like Call Of Duty and there is not a chance in eternity that he would ever consider killing his peers. Trump on the other hand also added that his administration is doing background checks on the mental health resources. Which does seem an appropriate step but never the less the people seem less concerned about gun control legislation and more about blaming video games.

To add on top of that Trump had a more harsh opinion of violent films, he said that the current movie rating system administered by the Motion Picture Association of America is insufficient in properly characterizing as well as categorizing on-screen violence. He substantiated this argument by saying that a young kid is not allowed to see the movie if sex is involved but if there is violence the movie passes through the rating for young kids.

Many types of research are being done that have their prime focus set on Video Games and real-life violence. While we still lack the information regarding the correlation between the two we do have few studies that giveaway some insight.

For example, a recent study at the University of York took about 3000 people in its experiment and results of that research were astonishing. The conclusion was that Video Games are not the reason for violence or crime in real life. Not saying they are not responsible or anything but it would seem appropriate if the relationship between these two aspects are first figured out before any decision is made by the political authorities.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s statement regarding the Violence and Video Games? Do you think games are responsible? Let us know in the comments below.