Presence of From Software Officially Confirmed for E3 2018, Shadows Die Twice to Appear

From Software is confirmed to appear at E3 2018 by Twitch Stream scheduled.  The developer will be showing off its currently under development game, Shadows Die Twice. Little there is known about this game but many believe it to be Bloodborne 2. Below is the complete Twitch Stream schedule for E3 2018.

e3 2018

There has been plenty of discussion around Shadows Die Twice and while From Software has been silent since the teaser reveal last year, a recent leak gave us a possible insight to Shadows Die Twice. According to an insider, the game is a new IP with souls elements. Moreover, it is less linear in nature compared to Dark Souls. The story follows a cult that is performing experiments on farmers. As a result, strange creatures have popped up.

Compared to Dark Souls, Shadows Die Twice will have a more direct storytelling.

Based on this information, it is easy to establish that this game is not Bloodborne 2 but if you are still not convinced, we have more to share. Shadows Die Twice is a multiplatform game which means either Sony has allowed From Software to create Bloodborne 2 for Xbox One and PC, or this isn’t Bloodborne 2 at all.

It is to be noted that we have confirmed from sources that From Software is only showing one game at E3 2018, Shadows Die Twice. Those hoping to see anything related to Souls or Demon’s are going to be disappointed. Moreover, that also means no Bloodborne 2 this year as well so at this point we can only expect it to show up at PlayStation Experience in December or as a PS5 game in a couple of years.

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