Predator Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds Guide

In this Predator Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds guide, we’ve given the best loadout for your killer to dominate with

Predator Hunting Grounds lets you be in the shoes of these lethal killing machines, however, your effectiveness is only as good as your loadout. In this Predator Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds guide, we’ve given the best weapons, gears, and perks that you can use to make the best loadout for your killer.

Predator Hunting Grounds Best Predator Builds

The Predator is divided into three classes; Hunter, Scout, and Berserker. You can choose any one of these classes and play the game.

But for that, you must know what makes each class so special. Below we have given the builds for each Predator class for you to choose from.

Hunter Builds

Hunter is a balanced class with balanced stats in health, stamina, movement speed and gear. Hunter is a class for those players who want to experience every feature of the combat. Hence, it’s called the All Rounder class.

What makes this class so special is the fact that it is available for your use since the beginning of the game meaning you have enough time to practice the Hunter class.

Using the all-rounder build means that you must have both melee and ranged weapons in your arsenal as they help in dealing with the opponents in close quarters as well as from a long range. Weapons such as Elder Sword (Primary) and the Yautja  Bow (Secondary).

Once you’ve reached level 9, the first Predator weapon “Elder Sword” will be available for you.

As for the Yautja  Bow, you’ll get your hands on it very late into the game at level 38.

After unlocking both weapons you are now free to equip them for the build.

For a melee weapon Elder Sword is a legit weapon as it can cut through the opponent from a close range. The Yautja  Bow, on the other hand, is a silent yet lethal weapon for ranged attacks.

For gear, you can carry a Healing Kit and a Bear Trap as both of them are around 5 weights and don’t exceed the required limit which is 10 weights.

Why equip these two gears? The answer is simple. The healing kit recovers your health and the Bear Trap is used for trapping opponents. A good combo with a good result.

You can alter the perks just the way you like it. You can choose Perks with 12 Points so for this build the best perks have to be Fearless – 4 Points, Impenetrable – 3 Points and Trapper – 3 Points.

Fearless ensures that you deal additional damage with melee weapons. Impenetrable gives you an advantage to take less damage from gunshots as for the Trapper, it guarantees that the opponent is caught in the trap.


Probably the most agile class out of the three. Scout may have low health and lack in gear but their stamina and movement speed make up for it since you’ll run into the shadows after attacking the opponent.

Ranged weapons are best for the Shadow Build. Weapons such as the Yautja Bow and a Secondary Weapon called the Hand Held Plasma Caster.

These weapons are really effective and precise for ranged combat. These weapons may take a while to get but once unlocked they can be a game changer.

Audio Decoy and Motion Detector are the best stealth operations for this build. They’ll use up to 5 weights so you don’t need to worry about losing weights.

Using the Audio Decoy, you can distract the opponent and escape from the scene.

The best use of this gear comes when you split up a unit from the team and hunt them without leaving any trace.

The Motion Detector is a simple gear, drop these in your way and you’ll get informed when and where an opponent is going to attack you from.

Perks that are best for this build are Branch Master – 1 Point, Light Bender – 2 Points and Height Advantage – 1 Point.

Branch Master gives you the ability to run at max speed when spotted in the trees.

Light Bender allows you to move around for a longer time and the last perk Hight Advantage allows you to take half the damage when remaining in the trees.


The strongest class of the Predator is Berserker. This class can take a lot of damage and can easily take the opponents out with its strength. However, it lacks speed and stamina so you’ll have to keep an eye on that.

War Club a Primary weapon and Combistick a Secondary weapon are the best for this build.

As both the weapons are melee weapons and can really become deadly for the opponent.

These weapons go well with the lethal class of Berserker so make sure to equip them when selecting this class.

Bear Trap and Audio Decoy are a must have gears for the Berserker class. The Bear Trap is capable of trapping the opponent and you can utilize this time to land a hard melee attack on them.

The Audio Decoy helps in distracting units away from the rest of the team as you’ll spend majority of your time on the ground. This way you’ll have enough time to take them out one by one.

Being a slow class, the most suitable perks for the Berserker’s are Adrenal Boost – 3 Points, Trapper – 3 Points and Fearless – 4 Points.

Adrenal Boost recovers your stamina as Berserker class lacks movement speed and stamina.

The Trapper is just like the bear trap where the opponents are caught in the trap opened for your melee attacks.

The last perk Fearless allows you to deal a lot of damage and this accompanied with your melee weapon is a recipe for lethal melee strikes allowing you to compete in the combat for a longer time.

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