Pre-Order Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Get Nine Free Costumes

There are a few incentives for securing an early copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition before its release early next year.

There is no reason for existing owners of the game to purchase Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition but for those yet to enjoy the new installment, there are a few incentives to convince them into securing an early copy.

Posting on its official blog, Capcom announced that pre-ordering a physical copy of the game from GameStop, Best Buy, or EB Games (Canada) will net owners nine costumes free of charge. These include the Nostalgia outfits for Alex, Ibuki, Juri, Kolin, and Akuma, as well as the 30th Anniversary outfits for Karin, M. Bison, Guile, and Ibuki.

Each of these costumes would normally cost players $3.99 when purchased individually and cannot be unlocked with Fight Money, the in-game currency. Hence, pre-ordering Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will save owners around $36 in cosmetic upgrades.

It is important to note that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will not include the post-release characters from the first and second seasons. Whether you pre-order the game or not, the bonus characters will need to be unlocked the old fashioned way.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be a free update to existing owners of the game. It will feature an overhauled user interface, new game modes with monthly ranking systems, and an additional V-Trigger for every character on the roster.

Capcom recently announced Zeku as the final character for the second season. The developer is now expected to talk about the third season during PlayStation Experience (PSX) in early December.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is slated for a launch on January 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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