Poptropica Haunted House Walkthrough

Poptropica Hunted House the most anticipated massively multiplayer online game for kids ranging 5-15 years old is out for 2009 and is already surging.

Poptropica Haunted House the most anticipated massively multiplayer online game for kids ranging 5-15 years old is out for 2009 and is already surging. It is setup on a beautiful island on which you can play games, travel, compete against your friends, and communicate securely. The game is developed by Family Education Network, a subsidiary of Pearson inc.

Poptropica Haunted House Walkthrough & Cheats

Arriving at Haunted House & Getting Inside
To the Haunted House, first click on the promotion on the Poptropica Map. You will reach the graveyard. Keep going on the left side to get to the house, and then jump up on it. if you see the bat, you need to catch it to get the key to the house, it will be your first item. After you have the key you can go the far left to unlock the cellar door and get inside the house.

The Cellar
After getting inside the cellar and do the puzzle to connect the boiler to the furnace by rotating the pipe pieces, you will have your first ever item. If you work in one direction, it is very easy puzzle.You will get the second item by jumping on the steam coming from the boiler to get on top of the platform, to get the draught once it’s connected.

The House
Inside the haunted house, there are bunch of item, we will update on how to get these as soon as we know.

Pick Axe and Ice
Open the refrigerator to get the ice and then go up to the knight statues on the next floor. One of them will be  holding a pick axe. Now jump on his head to make him drop that Pick Axe and use it to chip the ice out of the refrigerator, these two will be your third and fourth items.

Now the tough part is that you have to  go to the bedroom on the top left and click on the clocks. Synchronize both clocks so that they strike midnight at the same time (when the skull heads pop out). It speeds up when you place the cursor over one of the clocks. The both clocks are at the same time, you can keep switching between. Both clocks will strike midnight and you will get the next item if you do it right.

On the right side  you will find a spider on the floor, click on it to make it drop on the witch with the broomstick. You can use it to fly around the Haunted House by jumping over it. To get inside the attic, fly back upstairs and through the hole in the ceiling. You will find chest at left side, open it up to play a slider puzzle. All you need to do is reverse the moves, the game makes in the beginning, so watch carefully. This puzzle is very easy to do, if you play carefully.

Light the Lantern
Go back to the cellar and click on the barrel of kerosene under the stairs to light the lantern.

Speak to the Cat
Go back to the main floor and find a ghost cat to talk to her. Where the cherub cries, he will tell you to go outside the house. Head back out of the house and find the statue of the little girl crying. You will find a hole next to her now, go inside it and you will arrive at a Halloween Party!

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