Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Strategy Guide Announced, Releases Alongside Game In November

The Pokemon Company has announced a Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon strategy guide for the game when it launches in November on 3DS

It was already confirmed that Nintendo is getting ready to release Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the 3DS console and possibly Nintendo Switch as well. However, now we even have a release date for the official Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon strategy guide which will be releasing alongside the game.

Set in the same Alola region as Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be telling an alternate story so it should be a new experience for both first timers and returning players. The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon strategy guide should help those players navigate around the Alola Region with ease.

As expected, the strategy guide includes a detailed walkthrough of the entire adventure so players aren’t stuck on certain missions when playing the game once it releases in November. It will also serve as a complete guide to the locations of all the Pokemon in the game, usable items and battle strategies. In short, the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon strategy guide will be the ultimate tool for players who consider themselves completionists and don’t want to spend an insane amount of hours in the game completing their Pokedex and collecting all the items.

The official product description provided by The Pokemon Company from the Amazon pre-order page reads

Whether you’re heading back to the islands or it’s your first time in the tropical Alola region, there are many fun surprises waiting for you to discover!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A detailed walkthrough of your whole adventure!
  • A Pokémon List to help you fill the Alola Pokédex!
  • The scoop on where to find items, how to use advanced battle strategies, and more!
  • An updated bonus pullout map showing every island in the region!

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is scheduled for a 17th November release on Nintendo 3DS while the strategy guide comes out on 24th November. In order to get it as soon as possible, fans can place their pre-orders right now.

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