Pokemon Sword Jangmo-o Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Pokemon Sword and Shield Jangmo-o locations, evolutions, strengths and weaknesses to not only find the Pokemon, but evolve it and battle it effectively.

We all want to catch as many Pokemon as we can in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. There are a ton of Pokemon to catch and evolve. One such type of Pokemon is Jangmo-o, which is Dragon Type and is exclusive to Pokemon Sword. The Galar Index Number of Jangmo-o is 392 and in this guide, you will learn where to find Jangmo-o, how it evolves into Hakamo-o and Kommo-o and what are its stats, type, strengths and weaknesses.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Jangmo-o

Jangmo-o locations, evolutions, strengths and weaknesses along with an overview of its type and abilities should give you nice idea of how to use this Pokemon in battles against your opponent.

Pokemon Sword Jangmo-o Location

Jangmo-o can be only found in Pokemon Sword. It does not spawn in Pokemon Shield. Jangmo-o can be found near the Lake of Outrage. In non-overworld overcast, there is a 5% chance that a level 50-52 Jangmo-o may spawn. Also in non-overworld intense sun, there is again a 5% chance that a level 50-52 Jangmo-o may spawn.


Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o at level 35. A level 45 Hakamo-o will evolve into Kommo-o.

Stats, Strengths and Weaknesses

As mentioned before, Pokemon Sword Jangmo-o is a Dragon type pokemon. Dragon type Pokemon show weakness against Ice, Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon. They are stronger against Fire, Water Grass and Electric Types.

Jamgmo-o boasts abilities of Bulletproof where the damage from bombs and ball moves is lowered, and Soundproof that makes Jangmo-o Immune against sound based attacks. The Hidden Ability of Jangmo-o is Overcoat that protects him from weather moves and power moves such as sleep and poison power.

The egg group of Jangmo-o is also Dragon and the hatch cycles for the egg are 40. Pokemon Sword Jangmo-o is a Gray colored, 0.60 m in height and about 29.7 kg in weight
Jangmo-o has HP of 45, am attack of 55, a defense of 65. The Special Attack and Special Defense of Jangmo-o are 45 both.

With a speed of 45, the total combat points of Jangmo-o come to a total of 300.

Since Jangmo-o is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, it naturally becomes a must addition to your collection. We also have other Pokemon Locations and evolution guides too so if you want to catch something else, make sure to check those too.

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