How to Evolve Volcarona in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats

Volcarona is one of the rarest Pokemon and is a Bug and Fire-type Pokemon. It is in fact an evolved version of Larvesta, which seems more like a larva version of the Volcarona. This guide will cover all the details including how to Evolve Volcarona in Pokemon Sword and Shield, its Locations to catch and Stats.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Volcarona

So, Volcarona is a Bug and Fire-type Sun Pokemon and hence it is weak against moves that have types such as Flying, Water and Rock.

Volcarona is basically an evolved state of the Larvesta Pokemon and hence has the following higher value of stats:

HP 85
Attack 60
Defense 65
Special Attack 135
Special Defense 105
Speed 100
Total 550

Also, considering the stats, the best nature for a Volcarona to have is ‘Modest’. This nature will increase its Special Attack while decreasing the Attack a bit.

How to Evolve into Volcarona
Volcarona can be evolved from a Larvesta. This evolution is automatic once you upgrade your Larvesta up to level 59.

This evolution surges your stats from 360 to 550 in total.

Volcarona Locations
The generally known location for catching a Larvesta or a Volcarona is the Isle of Armor. There is a high chance of finding them during intense sunlight, and hence you must plan your hunt accordingly.

Moreover, Intense Sunlight weather is going to be locked in on 1st July, to that is perhaps the best day to go on a hunt for a Larvesta or a Volcarona.

More locations of Volcarona spawning will be updated once they are discovered.

Volcarona Abilities
There is one normal and one hidden ability of Volcarona. These abilities are:

  • Flame Body: Contact with the Pokemon may burn the opponent.
  • Swarm (Hidden): When the HP is low, Bug-type moves are powered up