How to Catch Spectrier in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats

For this Pokemon Sword and Shield Spectrier guide, we will be walking you through the necessary details concerning Spectrier from Crown Tundra DLC, so you can have one of your own by your side.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Spectrier

With the Crown Tundra DLC, arrives a bunch of new amazing Pokemon. We love the mystery and intrigue that surrounds Spectrier’s style and elegance.

Spectrier is a legendary Pokemon inspired by a horse, and can be captured alongside Glastrier during the story progression of the Crown Tundra DLC.

How to Catch Spectrier

Spectrier is a ghost-type Pokemon and can be encountered during the fight with Calyrex.

Calyrex will summon Glastrier and Spectrier by planting certain items by the field. Both of the mentioned Pokemon will appear.

You will have to choose between either Spectrier or Glastrier. The alternative is an ice-type Pokemon.

Once you choose, you will be pitted against the selected Pokemon, and will have an opportunity to capture it.

Base Stats

Spectrier has the following stats in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

HP 100
Attack 65
Defense 60
Special Attack 145
Special Defense 130
Speed 580


Grim Neigh
Upon knocking out a target, Spectrier boosts its Sp. Atk stat. Its strength increases with its survivability.

How to Evolve Spectrier

Being a legendary Pokemon, Spectrier has no further evolutions in Crown Tundra.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Being a Ghost-Type Pokemon, Spectrier is weak to other Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokemon.

However, Normal, Fighting, Poison and Bug-Type Pokemon are weak to Spectrier.

Spectrier also has complete immunity to Normal and Fighting-Type Pokemon

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