Pokemon Sword and Shield King of Bountiful Harvest Walkthrough

In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown King of Bountiful Harvest  walkthrough guide, we'll give you the details of how...

In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown King of Bountiful Harvest  walkthrough guide, we’ll give you the details of how to complete this path in Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra and how to fight the battles that you’ll come across.

Pokemon Sword and Shield King of Bountiful Harvest

Let’s begin by downloading the Crown Tundra DLC. Once you’ve done that, hop onto a train from Wedgehurst Station and head to the Crown Tundra to get your hands on the Crown Tundra Pokedex.

1st Dynamax Adventure

Your first battle awaits when you step outside the station.

This battle will be against Peony, and it will be an easy one if you have Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon. After the fight, make your way to Max Lair.

The researcher at Max Lair will explain Dynamax Adventure rules to you, and this is also where you’ll be fighting Suicune.

Suicune is weak to Electric and Grass-type.

You can still manage and win the battle with other types as long as it is not weak to the Water-type.

Now that you know you’ll be facing Suicune in Max Lair, it’s better to catch the perfect Pokémon for the battle on the way.

Now, you can get Peony’s League Card, but for that, you’ll have to talk to Peony first. Afterward, head to Freezington to get your uniform and Master Ball.

It’s about time you picked one of the three paths that you can take in the game.

You’ll be completing all of them one by one, but you don’t have to complete them in any given order.

The King of Bountiful Harvest

We need to put the crown on the horse statue outside Peony’s house. The crown is located on the table inside the house.

A battle with Calyrex will follow next, but unfortunately, it cannot be captured.

You can talk to the villagers in Freezington and then get back to Calyrex. You’ll be talking to Calyrex several times more shortly.

Afterward, you can go looking for the Mayor. Upon arriving at his house in Freezington, you’ll realize that he is not there.

You’ll find him at the Giant’s Bed towards the middle of the zone. Then head back to his house to read the books from his bookshelf.

Talk to Calyrex again and select carrots. There’ll also be a villager by the garden.

Talk to him and get carrot seeds worth 8 pieces of Dynite Ore.

Now, when you talk to Calyrex, it’ll give you the locations of the gardens where you can plant the seeds. You can plant them in Old Cemetery or in Snowslide Slope.

If you plant them in the Old Cemetery, you’ll get Calyrex in Shadow Rider form and end up fighting with Spectrier.

If you plant them in Snowslide Slope, you’ll fight with Glastrier and get Calyrex in Ice Rider Form. You reap what you sow!

Head back to Freezington after harvesting the carrot and face Spectrier or Glastrier for a fight. After the battle, you have a little more talking to do.

Talking to Calyrex will get you Radiant Petal, and talking to Mayor afterward will get you a set of Reins of Unity.

Make your way to Crown Shine and talk to Calyrex before placing the carrot in the basket. You can now capture Calyrex and go back to meet up with Peony.

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